Workouts of The Week

Workouts were good this week. Next week I'm going to stick with this same split, and then vacation will be sort of a deload week the following week. After that I plan on going back to my upper/lower split.

This workout was pretty good. Wanted to go heavy on cleans since I haven't done more than 115 in a while. Then did heavy pullups paired with handstand pushups. Heavy rows were next, then some lat pulldowns and rear delt work, abs, and glutes.  I really felt the pull-throughs in my glutes more than ever.

1) Cleans: 95x3/115x3/125x2/125x2
2)Pullups(neutral): 25x3/35x3x3
2b)Handstand pushups: 4x6
3)1 arm dumbbell rows: 55x6/65x6/7/7
4)Lat pulldowns: 10/8/10/10
5a)TRX face pull to external rotation: 4x12
5b)TRX pikes: 4x12
Cable pullthroughs x12
Band walks x15
Band hip thrusts x15
Lsit: 4x15 seconds

I just had to get some heavy-ish weight on my back this week, so I worked up to a few sets with 175 for sets of 5 on squats, and they felt really good with the lower bar position. The single leg deadlifts fried my lower back, but I think it was probably just fatigued from the squats, since I haven't done them that heavy in a while. Overall, great workout! My quads were nice and sore the next couple days.

1)Squats: 155x5/165x5/175x3x5
2)Deficit speed deadlifts: 155x10x1 w/20 second rest
3)Single leg RDLs: 53x10/60x2x10
4)Reverse hack squat: 160x12/180x3x12
5)Glute ham raise: rest pause set to 50 total reps
6a)Calf raise: 170x10/10/10/8+4+4(rest pause)
6b)Ab wheel rollouts: negatives x10/8/8/ on knees 1x15

At least this week I haven't felt as tired as I did last week! Bench felt really heavy today. It was supposed to be 95% for 3 sets of 1, but I used a weight slightly under that because I didn't have a spot. Not feeling super strong lately on upper body lifts. I definitely felt stronger when I was doing full upper body each workout, so I'm excited to go back to that.Since my goal isn't hypertrophy for upper body, I want to focus on strength on my upper lifts.

1)Bench: 130x3x1
2)Muscle ups: 4/3/2/1
3)Barbell strict press + push press: 75x4+4/85x3+4/85x2+5/85x6(all push press)
4)DB low incline chest press: 35x8/40x4x8
5a)Dips: 12/10/10
5b)Alternating dumbbell curls: 25x3x10
6a)Plate overhead raises: 2x15
6b)Pull-aparts: 3x15

Deads felt really good today. The plan was to do 3x3 at around 85% of my sumo max, which would be around 210. I went with 215 though since they felt strong. Hip thrusts felt good, too, as well as Bulgarian split squats. Finished up with glutes and then went home and did some tire drags since the CrossFit area was being used.

1)Deadlifts: 215x3x3
2)Touch and go deadlifts off one plate: 205x5/205x8
3)Hip thrusts: 185x6/215x6/235x6/255x6/235x8+185x8(drop set)
4)Bulgarian split squat: 35s x3x8/ (1) 35x12
5a)Back extensions: 25x4x12
5b)Seated abductions: 3x25
Tire drags at home: 8 sets x 15-20 seconds

Also, for anyone who may be concerned that I'm not getting in the amount of calories that I say I am, let me assure you-I am not just making up random numbers out of thin air. Just because I don't track every day doesn't mean I don't have an idea of how much I'm taking in. If you read my blogs, you would know that, as I've discussed tracking calories and macros in the past.

And because I have tracked in the past and my intake really doesn't change much, I do know somewhat how much I'm getting in on a daily basis. Is it an exact number? No. Do I measure and weigh everything to the exact gram? No. But I do measure and weigh some things, and I just guess on others.

I know that if I want to gain weight, I simply increase portions, and to lose weight, I would decrease portions. It really doesn't matter to me exactly how many calories I'm eating, so long as I don't lose weight.  I like the way I look right now and am satisfied with how my training is going, so there is no need for me to stress too much about tracking calories, which is why I don't. When I DO track, however, my training days are always in the 2200-2400 range, and on leg day I try to increase portions to up the calories some. I just wanted to clarify that for anyone who may question it.


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