Workouts of The Week

Here are the workouts from this week. I plan on getting in a few workouts on vacation, but it's not something I stress about. I just enjoy moving my body! I won't have access to heavy weights, so I'll consider this a deload week, which I'm due for anyway.


1)Barbell snatch: 75x3/85x3x3
2)Pendlay row: 115x3x5
3a)Narrow neutral grip pullups: 22.5x5/5/ 4+4 without weight(x2)
3b)Handstand pushups: 4x6
4)Seated single arm cable row: 4x10
5a)Face pulls: 3x12
5b)Reverse crunch on bench: 4x12
6a)Pull-thoughs: 4x12
6b)Single leg hip thrusts: 4x10

Good workout this week. Squats still felt strong again!

1)Squats: 175x3x6
2)Deficit speed deadlifts: 155x10x1 w/20 second rest
3)Glute ham raise: 10x8/20x3x8
4)Reverse hack squat: 150x12/180x12/190x12/Leg press: 220x20
5a)Reverse hypers: 100x3x15
5b)Seated band abductions: 4x25
6a)Walking lunges: bodyweight x50(25/leg)
6b)Ab wheel rollouts: 2x10 to wall on toes/2x12/15 on knees

Pretty good workout. I did some cluster sets for bench, which were way harder than I expected! I started with 115 and was like, nope, not happenin'! So I dropped down to 105, and it was still tough! Bench has been struggling lately though, and that program I was following did not work for me.

1a)1 arm push press: 45x3x5
1b)Pullups (wide/fat bar)4x6
2)Bench press: Clusters: 4x2 w/10-15 second rest x3 sets
3)Incline dumbell chest press: 45x3x6/40x8
4)Lateral raise: 17.5x3x10
5a)Curls: alternating-30x8/25x8/22.5x10
5b)Pullaparts: 5x15
Overhead carries: 45x3x25-30 seconds

Deadlifts felt good again. I'm kind of liking sumo now! I worked up to some singles and then a couple of back off sets from plates. Wasn't a crazy hard workout this week, and I skipped sled drags/prowler because I ran out of time before I could get into the CrossFit room. 

1)Sumo deadlifts: 215x2/225x1/235x3x1/215x6/215x7(last 2 sets low block pulls)
2)Hip thrusts: 205x3x10
3)Bulgarian split squats-(dumbbells)35x9/8/ Step ups: 50(barbell)x2x12
4a)Back extensions: 25x3x12
4b)Band walks: 3x12/leg
5a)Landmine squats: 15/12/12
5b)Split squat jumps: 3x12/leg
6)Leg extensions: 2x15


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