Workouts of The Week

Happy Monday! 

We had another beautiful weekend in Kentucky. We spent yesterday cruising in the Jeep, checking out a new local park, and then relaxing in the hammock after dinner on the deck. Perfect day!

Workouts were good this week. This coming week will be a little different because I am possibly going to do a CrossFit competition next month!!! It's with a partner, and it'll be scaled, but I think I'm still probably crazy to consider it!!

This was a fun workout that I just made up on the fly. ;)

1)Hang power cleans: 115x3x3/125x1/125x1
2a)Wide neutral grip pullups: 10x5/25x3x3
2b)Handstand pushups: 6/6/5/5
3a)Seated cable row: 100x8/8/110x8/8
3b)1 arm standing DB press: 35x7/8/8
4a)Modified dragonfly: 3x8
4b)EZ bar curls: 2x8/hammer curls 1x12
5a)Kettlebell swings: 70x3x10
5b)Pull-aparts: 4x20
6)Band walks: 3x12/leg

Finally back to where I was pre-vacation and food poisoning! Squats felt good at 175, although the first set I was probably lacking in depth because I had to use the squat rack that doesn't have the adjustable safety racks. But the next set I just walked back and didn't use them. Writing this out it looks like I did a TON of stuff, but I don't know, I guess my pre-workout kicks in and makes me feel invincible! LOL.

1a)Broad jumps 2x5
1b)Glute ham raise: 3x12
2)Squats: 175x6/175x6/155x8/155x8
3)Front squats: 95x3x10
4)Leg press(narrow and low stance): 180x15/230x15/250x12/270x12
5a)Dumbbell step ups: 30x3x10
5b)Band abductions: 3x25
6)Leg extensions: 2x15
7a)Back extensions: 40x3x12
7b)Calf raise: 4x8-12

I did another density superset this week, but I was weaker on incline bench from doing the heavy dumbbell chest presses before I guess! I did less reps per set but ended up getting in more sets, so same amount of reps as last week. I did get in more pulling sets though. Got a great pump after that superset and the 6 way lateral raises that I'm loving!

Muscle ups- 5 single
1a)DB chest press: 50x8/7/7
1b)DB chest supported row: 35x2x8/40x2x8
10 minute amrap:
2a)Incline bench press: 6/5/5/5/5/5/4 =35
2b)Fat bar chinups: 6/6/6/6/6/6/6=42
3)6 way lateral raise: 10/12/circles-15 seconds each way
4)Overhead carries: 3x30 seconds/arm
5)Band pallof press: 3x8+5 second hold last rep

Hip thrusts felt pretty good this week. I'm experimenting with bench height and foot width to really feel them in my glutes. This week I did touch and go deads from bumper plates, and those felt pretty strong.

1)Hip thrusts 155x8/185x6/215x6/235x6/205x10/185x10/135x10
2)Block deadlifts: 155x5/185x5/215x5/225x2x5
3)Glute ham raises: 15x8/20x8/8/8+bodyweight x8(drop set)
4)Reverse hypers: 100x12/110x3x12
5a)Walking lunges: 27.5x12/10/10
5b)Band glute bridge with feet elevated: 3x20
6)Seated calf raise: Rest pause set to 60 reps


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