Break Free

I often have women who message or email me asking for advice about their workouts and/or nutrition. And often, it's women who are coming to me for help in finding balance.

They tell me how they are obsessed with clean eating and working out, that they fear eating "bad" foods, or carbs, or how they try to eat super strict and low calorie all week, only to binge on weekends. Or it's women writing just to thank me for for my posts, as they have or are currently struggling with eating an disorder and/or finding balance.

The fact that I continue to get these messages is why I'm passionate about sharing what has helped me and how I've found balance. There are just so many women(and men, I'm sure) out there who are experiencing this, and I want to open up their eyes and help them to break free!
Food should not be feared, it shouldn't control our lives, and it should not be a cause of stress or anxiety. I've saved articles that I've read to my Pinterest page that I thought I'd share with anyone who is struggling with these issues. So if you're bored one day, check them out. I hope that they'll help!!page=post&id=57A35018-309C-327D-46E6-9AC01DC948BF


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