Thursday Thoughts

Soooo my CrossFit competition is tomorrow!!!!

I don't feel ready at all, and I'm not even excited about it. I mean really, what was I thinking??? I know it's just for fun, but killing myself isn't really my kind of "fun"! I'm just thankful it's scaled. But I'm still scared!

All I know is that after a couple week of doing CrossFit workouts again, I've realized one thing: I do not enjoy it at ALL anymore. There was always a little piece of me that would occasionally think about going back to CrossFit, but now I am for certain that it is NOT for me.

Why I initially fell in love with it was because I had come from pure bodybuilding workouts, where all I would do was go into the gym to get a pump and just to "fry" whatever muscle I was working on that day. So CrossFit was like this brand new world to me. There were so many exercises and movements that I had never done before, and I loved the challenge of learning new things. I loved feeling like an athlete and moving my body in ways I never had before. I loved the heavy barbell lifts.

But now I know that you can achieve that without doing CrossFit! I still include most of the movements that I learned from CrossFit into my workouts, but I have NO desire whatsoever to do CrossFit WODs regularly. I don't mind a short Crossfit style "finisher" here and there, but every day? No thank you.

I know that I can achieve my goals by focusing on strength and muscle building workouts, then work in some conditioning with short finishers and/or sled sprints. You don't have to do CrossFit to be in shape or to be a well rounded athlete. I'm thankful for what I learned from it...but it is just NOT my thing anymore.  Been there done that. I'll just stick with lifting. ;)

Okay, so I went off on a little tangent there! But anyways, I'm just hoping I won't pass out, puke or die tomorrow. Pray for me! Haha. The WODs are pretty short, so I should survive. But seriously, hopefully I'll have fun...that's all that really matters!


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