Workouts of The Week

I have seriously got to be crazy to be doing a CrossFit competition!! I'm just all about experiences and challenges, which is the only reason I'm doing this. We will probably come in dead last, but oh well. It's all for fun!

This week I just wanted to try to ease myself into doing some CrossFit workouts, so I did some burpees and swings on my rest days, since that's what the first WOD of the competition will be. Then I just did the rest of my normal workouts and another CrossFit workout Friday.

I really don't have much of a plan for how I'm going to train for this...but I only have 2 weeks! I'm thinking I'm just going to do my strength stuff followed by a CrossFit WOD, mostly working on the things we'll be doing in the competition, since we already know what 3 of the workouts will be. There will be one announced the day of...which is probably going to be awful, so that scares me!

One of the workouts for the competition is to work up to a max clean and jerk or a snatch, so this week worked on clean and jerks. We will only have 4 minutes to get to a max weight though...:/ I don't know what I'm getting myself into! The rest of the workout was just my normal workout, just no glutes stuff or finisher.

1)Clean and jerk: singles @ 115, 120(5-6 sets?)
2a)Strict barbell press: 75x5/80x4/85x3/85x3
2b)Overhand grip pullups: 4x8
3a)Seated cable row: 110x8/120x8/130x6/6
3b)Feet elevated pushups: 4x10
4a)L-sit 3x15 seconds
4b)EZ bar curls: 2x8/1x15 w/rope
5a)Hanging knee raises: 3x10
5b)Pull-aparts: 3x20

8 burpees
10 kettlebell swings(overhead)
4 rounds

This workout demolished my quads. I never go in with the intention of getting sore from my workouts-I don't think that should be the goal of your workouts at all. But lately my quads have been getting so sore! I think it had to be from the drop sets on leg press this week.

1a)Broad jumps 3x5
1b)Glute ham raise3x12
2)Squats: 175x6/180x6/155x2x10
3)Front squats: 100x10/105x8/110x2x8
4)Leg Press: 230x10/250x8/270x8/270x8+6+5+8(drop sets)
5a)Back extensions: 40x3x12
5b)Leg extensions: 3x15
6a)Band abductions: 3x30
6b)Calf raises: 4x10
7)Stir the pot plank 3x30 seconds

10 burpees
12 overhead swings
3 rounds

I practiced snatches, did my strength workout, and then met up with my partner for the competition to do one of the WODs we'll be having to do. The good thing about a partner competition is that you actually do get some rest. So I didn't die! I was absolutely dreading the thrusters and wall balls. The thrusters were as sucky as I remembered, but wall balls weren't bad at all!

1)Worked on snatches at 85 lbs-one from floor, one from hang each set, then some overhead squats
2a)Overhand pullups: 20x5/5/4/4
2b)DB chest press: 40x8/50x8/6/6/6-hard today!
3a)Ring rows with feet up: 10/10/9/8
3b)Ring dips: 9/8/8/8

Partner WOD:
Deadlifts 105lb x50 (we did sets of 10)
Bar hopovers x60 (sets of 15)
Thrusters 63lb x70 (sets of 5)
AbMat situps x80 (sets of 20)
Jumping pullups x90 (sets of 20)
Wall balls 12lb x100 (sets of 10)
(Movements were split up between partners and alternated until we completed all reps.)

I was still too sore from Wednesday's leg workout to do much this workout, so I just didn't go heavy on anything. Definitely need this rest day today. I tried something totally different and did some bike sprints at the end of this workout, and I actually really liked them. Put the resistance way up and went as fast as I could for about 15 seconds. Major quad burn!

1)Hip thrust:135x12/12/155x12/12
2)Sumo RDL: 135x4x10
3)Reverse hyper 90x15/110x3x15
4)GHR: 20x8/8/25x8/8
5a)Seated leg curls: 3x12
5b)Foot elevated single leg bridge: 3x12
6a)Seated calf raise 12/12/15/15
6b)Cable abductions: 2x15
Bike sprints6 x15 seconds


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