Workouts of The Week

Happy Sunday! 

It's been raining here in KY for like two weeks straight, but today is supposed to be beautiful! Gotta get my food prep and laundry done early, because I plan on being outside ALL day! :) ☼☼☼

Workouts were pretty good this week, but I really gotta get back into following a structured plan. Haven't focused on really increasing my lifts or anything lately, just pretty much maintaining.  But it's time to get back into it, because getting stronger really is my jam.

The good thing is-NO CROSSFIT  this week!  Not one kettlebell swing or burpee to be found. ;)

Wasn't really feeling this workout, but I just went in and did something. Nothing crazy, nothing super heavy. Was just feeling kind of "blah" and not motivated. But hey, you can't always rely on motivation. Just get it done.

1)Ring pullups: 3x8
2)Landmine press: 20x8/30x6/30x6/20x8
3a)Wide cable row: 8/8/10/12
3b)DB chest press: 45x8/8/40x10/10
4)Seated clean to press: 10/12
5)Pullaparts x50
6)Farmer's walks 70 lbs x4 sets, 30-40 seconds

I was going to do front squats, but after a few warm-up sets, I scrapped those since I was having a sharp pain in my back. Back squats felt great though, so I stuck with those. Low stance leg presses are killer and my quads were on fire by the time I got to lunges. Also, shorter strides on lunges are MUCH harder for me. Glutes were SORE from this one!

1)Ball leg curls: 15/12/12
2)Broad jumps: 2x5
3)Pause squats: 135x6/155x6/155x6/145x8
4)Leg press: high narrow stance; 270x10/10/ lower foot stance each set: 240x12/230x12
5)Walking lunges: 35x10/short strides-25x2x12
6)Leg extensions: 15/12/12
7)Back extensions: 50x2x10
Glute circuit:
Band squats x15
Band walks x12
Single leg upper and lower elevated glute bridge: x12
3 rounds
*Pallof press w/band: 3x10

Upper body workouts are just SO freaking boring. I gotta find some way to change things up! Going in and just getting a pump is just not doing it for me anymore. Today was kind of fun because I actually benched for the first time in 3 months! Then did some heavy 1 arm rows and a density superset, then a little pump circuit at the end.

1)Fat grip bench press: 100x6/105x2x6/95x8
2)1 arm dumbbell row: 55x6/65x6/75x5/75x6/ Kroc row: 60x15
10 minutes:
3a)Ring row feet elevated: 8/8/6/6/6/6/6
3b)Handstand pushups:6/5/5/5/5/5
4a)Lateral raise 3x10
4b)Face pulls 3x12
4c)Cable curls 3x12

So my glutes were still sore from Wednesday and from bench Friday! It wasn't so bad that it interfered with my workout though. I did sets of 5 on deads with about 75-80% of my max, nothing crazy. Hip thrusts felt pretty good-what I've realized is that more padding makes the biggest difference! I have to use my squat pad and a folded up mat. Forearms were sore from Friday also, so RDLs were a little hard. I had planned on doing pull-throughs, but ALLLL of the cable were being used because the gym was packed!

Broad jumps 3x3
1)Deadlifts 75% -185x5/195x5/195x5/205x5(last set touch and go, all beltless)
2)Hip thrusts 185x8/205x8/215x8/215x8/185x12
3)Glute ham raises 30x4x6
4)DB RDLS: 50x15/12/12
5)Reverse hypers: 110x3x15
6a)Seated leg curl: 15/12/12/12
6b)Lunge jumps: 4x20
7)Stir the pot: 3x25 seconds/decline reverse crunch: 2x12


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