Perfectly said.

"Rather than obsessing over what magic foods will help burn body fat and what foods will make you gain weight overnight (the answer is: none) or what popular diet of the moment will finally give you the instant lasting results that you've been chasing after for years (again the answer is: none), focus on this:

Finding a program that YOU can stick to consistently.

Dietary consistency goes hand-in-hand with the specifics of any nutrition regimen. I'd argue that fat loss success is 50% the actual program and 50% adherence.

I'd much rather have you be on a pretty good program that you can stick to week after week and month after month than a "perfect" program that you only last three weeks on.

And in order to achieve sustainable results, you have to like how you eat.

What works for Bob may not work for you. What works for you may not work for Sally.

Do you feel better on high carbs or moderate carbs?
Do you like daily treats or do you prefer to save them for a Saturday meal? 

Do you feel better grazing through the day or sticking to three square meals?

Don't blindly copy what someone else is doing; take the time to figure out YOUR nutrition strategy."
-Sohee Lee


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