Training Recap, Month One

I've completed the first month of my new program! It is mostly a strength focused program with hypertrophy as the secondary goal, and so far I'm really liking it!

There are some exercises I've never done before, which is always fun when you've been training for so long. There are also some things that I would never program in for myself, which is why sometimes it's good to have someone else write your workouts! Plus, it's just really awesome not to have to worry about coming up with my own programming.

The workouts are set up as a lower/upper/lower/upper, the opposite of what I've been doing. I normally do upper body first, but now it's lower body on Monday, which has taken some getting used to. But I like the change! It's good to try something new every now and then.

So this is what my week looks like:
Monday: Lower body, squat focus
Wednesday: Upper body, bench focus + sled drags
Friday: Lower body, deadlift focus
Saturday: Upper body, overhead press focus +prowler pushes

I love that it incorporates sled drags or prowler pushes on upper body days, which I've found has really been helping with my recovery. I've been enjoying doing my sled drags outside-just feels good to be outside and sweat!

This first month has been sets of five for all the main lifts. Squat days are squats, glute ham raises, then lunges or step ups, single leg RDLs, and split leg good mornings. The first week was 5x5, working up in weight. Week 2 was 5x5 at 70-80%, and this past week was a heavy set of 5. I was really happy with the weight I was able to get!
Split leg good mornings:

Bench day has been bench press, pullups, pushups, empty cans, single arm ring rows, and sled drags. For pullups, he has them programmed at 4 sets of 10.  At first I was like, "Is he crazy? There is no way I can do 10 reps for 4 sets!" But I surprised myself the first week by being able to get all of them! I was able to do them the next couple weeks too, but they were a struggle. I cannot WAIT for next month when the reps will be lower!

For deadlift day on Friday, it's deadlifts, goblet squats, back extensions, split leg dumbbell RDLs, and deadbug dumbbell pullovers. I absolutely hate goblet squats, but sometimes you gotta suck it up and do what you don't like. I do really like the split leg RDLs though! This past week I worked up to a heavy 5 on deadlifts and was able to get 225, which is definitely a rep PR.

Saturdays are overhead presses, chest supported dumbbell rows, dips, pull-aparts, YTWLs, and prowler pushes. I got 85 for my heavy set of 5 oh overhead press last week. Attempted 90lbs, and only got 4. But I'm happy with 85!

Next month the main lifts will be going to sets of four. I'm looking forward to the workouts changing a bit and lifting even heavier weights!

What are your workouts looking like lately? Are you following a program? Have you tried any new exercises lately?


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