Month 3 Training Recap

This past month's training was sets of 3 for the main lifts, and the percentages were based off of the heavy 3 from the previous month. The first couple weeks were somewhat easy, but then it progressively got more challenging.

The workouts looked like this:

Monday-Squat day
Squat 3x3, lunges, good mornings, sled drags

Wednesday-Bench day
Bench 3x3, dumbbell floor press, ring rows, lat pulldowns

Friday-Deadlift day
Deadlift 3x3, single leg RDLs, split leg good mornings, sled drags

Saturday-Overhead press day
Overhead press 3x3, Tabata handstand hold, cable rows, lateral raises

The accessory lifts were either 5x10 or 4x10. The 5x10 lunges killed me, since I never do that much volume for them! They got me sore every single week. And the handstand holds on Saturday were actually super hard. I didn't expect them to be, but you are basically doing a handstand hold for 4 minutes straight!

This last week of the program is one rep max week, which I'm really nervous about! I haven't maxed out on anything in quite a while. I'll post the results next week!

I've enjoyed following a structured program again and having someone else write it out for me. Sometimes I just need a break from planning out my own workouts, or just "winging" it, as I had been doing before this for a while. It was also fun to focus on strength again. I liked that there were some exercises in the program that I had never done before, which I plan on continuing to utilize in my training, like all the deadbug variations and single leg RDLs and good mornings. I definitely feel they have helped me get stronger, especially in my core.

Overall, I enjoyed the program, even though it was different than anything I've done before, But that is what I wanted! I think we can easily get stuck in a rut when we always write out our own workouts-at least I do! I tend to stick with the same workout set up and sets/rep schemes, so it's nice to follow someone else's programming who does things a little differently than you do. That's why even trainer/coaches hire coaches!

Comment below and let me know what your training is looking like lately! Are you trying anything new? Focusing on strength? Hypertrophy? Following a program? What are your goals right now?


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