New York Trip!

We had a great trip to New York last week to visit the fam!

We always have so much fun with our little nephews. They are just SO cute! I don't want them to grow up. :(

Most of the time was spent playing with them in the pool. They just love Uncle Matt!

 How adorable are they?

Of course, we  had to make a stop at Pizza Land, my hubby's FAVORITE pizza place of all time. I have to admit, it is super delicious.

We also visited Letchworth Park, which was absolutely beautiful.

 We also had to make a stop at MY favorite place-Sprinkles! They make the BEST sundaes, because they put the toppings on the bottom AND the top, so you get all that yummy goodness down to the very last bite. 
 We had a lot of fun being able to train together in my in-law's home gym and take alll the selfies we wanted. Matt let me be his "trainer" for the week, so bossing him around was pretty fun, too. ;)  
Of course, I didn't track macros and had a few more "splurges" than normal, as you do on vacation. I didn't stress about it, though. Because memories and experiences are more important to me than abs. Plus, I am trying to gain a few pounds. ;) 


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