Celeste's First Sleepover

This past weekend, I had Celeste stay overnight with me for the first time. I was sooo excited-probably way more excited than she was! I was also looking forward to seeing what it would be like to have a kid for a couple of days! 

We played hide and seek, went for a walk, threw rocks in the creek, played her in "castle"(the gazebo in our neighborhood), swam in the pool, and made banana bread.
Her princess castle
Throwing rocks
This didn't last long because the water was so cold!
The one selfie she allowed me take with her!

Helping Uncle Matt walk Asher
Swinging on the hammock!

Everything went great until about 10:30 Saturday night when she banged her face on the edge of my glass table. I mean, she hit it HARD, and I know it had to hurt soooo bad. Then all she wanted was her mom, and I couldn't do anything to make it better. It was awful!

It seriously broke my heart, and I even had a little meltdown and started to cry myself, because I just hated seeing her in so much pain. At that point, I realized that either I love this little girl more than I even realized, or I am just not cut out for this parenting thing. Thankfully though, she started feeling better and was totally fine the next day, even though she did have a bump on her nose and above her eye. I think I was probably way more traumatized than she was.

I really did have so much fun with her, and I can't wait to have her over again! I miss her already. I never knew I could love a human being so much, especially one that is not even my own child. I am seriously obsessed with her! I can't even imagine what the love of a parent for their own child must be like.

It is definitely hard work and very exhausting though. I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't mad about having to give her back to her mom the next day! I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy my "me" time and just chilling on the couch with my husband doing absolutely nothing. The next day Matt said he was excited to have his wife back!

So here are a few things I realized after having Celeste stay the night:
-Kids are very messy.
-You must be very good at multi-tasking.
-Kids change their minds a lot and are very easily distracted. 
-It breaks your heart when they get hurt and you can't do anything to make it better.
-Bedtime snuggles are the best.
-They can melt your heart just by looking into your eyes and talking in a sweet voice.
-Getting ready to go someplace takes twice as long.
-Being called "Aunt Lindsay" never gets old. 
-Kids never run out of energy.
-Parenting is no joke.
-I'm perfectly happy and content being an aunt and a dog mom.


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