Workouts of the week

This week I just pretty  much made up my workouts on the fly. I didn't do anything crazy heavy and kept everything short of failure. I decided to do the CrossFit workout on Saturday on a whim, which was mostly upper body, so that's why I ended up doing a leg day Wednesday and then a light, glute focused day on Friday instead of upper body.

It was fun doing something different this week, but I realized that after not doing more than 5 reps on the main lifts in 3 months, I'm like way out of shape. I squatted 235 last week, and this week 135 for 8 reps felt like 500 pounds! I suck at high reps!

1)Pullups-one giant set to 20 reps w/30 second rest (6-5-4-3-2)
2a)1 arm DB press: 25x10/30x3x8
2b)Wide grip neutral cable row: 4x10
3)Pushups: rest pause to 35 reps (12/9/8/6)
4a)Reverse crunch: 3x15
4b)Pullaparts: 3x20
1a)Single leg hip thrust: 3x10
1b)Seated band abductions: 3x30
2)Glute kickback machine: 12/15/15

1)Glute ham raises: 2x12
2)Barbell squat: 135x2x8
3)Leg press : 2x12 wide/2x12 narrow
4a)Reverse hypers: 70x3x15
4b)Lateral band walks: 3x15
5a)Lying leg curls: 3x15
5b)Stationary split squats 2x20/leg(bodyweight)
Farmer's walks 4 x 60 seconds

1)Barbell hip thrust w/band around knees: 135x4x12
2)Cable pull-throughs: 3x15
3a)Back extensions: 3x20(bodyweight)
3b)Seated band abductions: 3x25
4)Glute ham raises: 2x15(bodyweight)
5a)Single leg foot elevated glute bridge w/band: 3x10
5b)Standing band abduction: 2x15
6a)Rope pulls w/sled 4x
6b)Bear crawls 3x

1)Strict Press Grip Bench Press: 5x3@80%-115 2)Pause Power Position Squat Clean and Jerk-worked up to a few singles with 115 3)Low Hang Squat Clean and Jerk - a few singles with 125 4)Handstand Pushups (3 sets max reps)-6/5/5 *15 deep breathes between sets
Metcon (Time): 100M Sprint x 5 or 10 Calorie Row x 5

I added: bentover reverse flyes 3x12 & bicep curls 3x10


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