Workouts of the Week

I decided to do legs on Monday because I was still so sore from upper body on Saturday. I had some clients to train in the morning and wasn't really that into working out, so I took things easy and just did light weights. Sometimes you just need to move your body without going crazy with the weights.

1a)Bulgarian split squats: 4x12
1b)Ball leg curl: 3x12
2a)1 leg RDL: 4x10
2b)Band walks: 3x12
3a)Single leg hip thrusts w/band: 2x8/1x20(2 leg)
3b)Goblet squats: 3x12
4a)Reverse sled drags: 4x25 seconds
4b)Back extensions(on glute ham raise machine): 3x15

I decided to change things up a bit this week and instead of doing upper/lower, I did a push/pull split. I didn't do deadlifts last week, so I was itching to do them! I kept the weight around 70-75% of my max for sets of 5 and did them Sumo style just to change it up and because it's my weaker lift. After that I did a little extra glutes and then back, bis, and abs. It was fun to do something a little different, even though I usually don't enjoy bodypart splits like this on a consistent basis.

1)Sumo deadlifts: 205x2x5/185x5 (beltless)
2)Reverse hypers: 110x4x12
3a)Pullups(wide grip): 7/6/6/4+2
3b)Band seated abductions: 3x25-30
4)Feet elevated ring rows: 8/7/7/ feet on floor x12
5)TRX reverse flies: 3x12
6a)Kettlebell rope curls: 3x12
6b)Reverse crunch: 3x12
7)KB swings 3x12

1)Barbell overhead press: 65x6/75x6/80x5/5/65x10
2)Incline bench press: 95x3x6
3)Dips: rings-10/8/8/ Bar-10
4)Landmine 1 arm press: 8/10/10/10
5a)Lateral raise: 3x12
5b)Pullaparts: 3x15
6)Hanging leg raises: 10/3x8
Jump rope and handstand practice

1)Hip thrusts w/band around knees: 135x4x12
2)Squats: 155x3x8
3)Leg press: 4x15 (2 sets narrow stance, 2 sets wide)
4a)Glute ham raises: 3x15
4b)Band clams: 3x15
5)Walking lunges: 2x10 each leg/ 1x50 each leg(bodyweight)
6a)Back extensions w/weight: 3x12
6b)Calf raises: 3x12-15
7)Glute kickback machine: 2x12


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