Deload Week

I started getting a cold last weekend that lasted into the first half of week, but it was actually perfect timing because I was thinking about taking a deload week anyways before transitioning into month 2 of the leg program I'm following.

Also perfect timing was the weather-it was absolutely gorgeous and SO warm the first few days of the week! Gotta love 85 degrees in October. I just had to take my workouts outside to take advantage of it...because I know we may not have many more days like this left. I didn't feel too bad, but definitely didn't have much strength or endurance, so I kept the weights light or just did bodyweight exercises.

By Friday I felt pretty good so I decided to finish the week in the gym, but I still kept the weights pretty light(ish).

1a)Pushups 12/12/3x10
1b)Chinups 9/9/8/8/8
2a)Reverse sled drag 6x25ish seconds
2b)Band pull-aparts: 5x15
3a)Farmer's walks 3x45 seconds
3b)Band walks 3x12-15
4a)Single leg glute bridge foot elevated 3x12
4b)Spiderman climbs 3x5/side


1)BSS 3x12
2)Split stance RDL; 3x12
3a)Goblet squat: 3x12
3b)Band glute bridge: 3x20
4)Clams: 2x20
5)Plank knee tucks: 3x10/side
6)Glute kickbacks: 2x20

1)Landmine press: 3x10
2)Hammer strength row: 4x12, 2 sets single arm, 2 sets double
3)Lateral raises: 2x12/10+5(drop set last set)
4)Cable race pulls: 15/20
5)Incline bench reverse bentover raises: 2x15
6)Ez bar curls: 2x12/ seated incline db curls:1x12/1x12(+8 more standing)
7)Ball pikes: 2x14/ reverse crunch on bench: 2x12

1)GHR 3x10
2)Reverse hack squat: 15/12/12/10/10
3a)Band hip thrusts: 3x20
3b)Reverse lunge 3x12
4a)Cable pull-through: 15/15/12/12
4b)Smith machine calf raise: 20/15/12/12
5)Seated calf raise: 15/12/12
6)Prowler-as many trips in 5 minutes(6)
7)Standing band abductions: 2x15


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