Pumpkin Patch Pics!

October is here! Such a great month here in Kentucky because finally you can BREATHE when you walk outside.

Every year on the first weekend of October, my family goes to the pumpkin patch at  a local orchard/winery, and it's always a good time.

Of course, I have to take alll the pictures of Celeste. I just can't take her cuteness, and her little crinkly nose when she smiles!

Here's me with a few of my cousins.

Celeste just loved being up on that tractor!

My adorable little cousins at the pumpkin patch!

My sister with her boyfriend and his kids on the wagon

Wagon ride selfies!

And of course, I got my pumpkin donuts! They make them fresh right there on the spot, and they are sooo warm and delicious.

We all went out to dinner afterwards, and I had this amazing chicken, bacon, and cheese sandwich, which I inhaled. 

Welp, that's all folks! 


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