Workouts of the Week

Another boring weekend in the Cappotelli household. My hubby has been sick, so he just wanted to lay around all weekend. It was a gorgeous weekend, with sunny skies and 70 degrees. It's supposed to be like that all week! Yay for Fall!

So for this weekend's treat meal, I made pulled chicken and tater tots, and we had peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I'm usually not big on cookies, but for some reason this week, they sounded really good to me, so that's what we had!

Pulled chicken is one of our favorite meals to make at home. I just throw some chicken thighs in the crockpot with barbecue sauce-so easy. And my hubby LOVES these Alexia tater tots. They're seasoned with roasted garlic and cracked black pepper, and they are sooo good.

I was totally lazy and just went to the store and bought pre-made cookie dough. I usually love baking stuff from scratch, but I didn't have the ingredients on hand.

On to this week's workouts! This leg program is still kicking my butt, but so far I've been able to increase weight/and or reps on squats and deadlifts each week. This coming week will be week 4, and then the workouts change.

Presses felt stronger this week. Maybe it was that my shoulders were more warmed up from doing snatches first...or perhaps the pumpkin donuts I had the day before? ;)

1)Barbell snatch: 85x3x3
2)Overhead press: 65x6/75x5/85x4/85x4/75x6/75x6

3a)1 arm row w/kettlebell(deadstop): 60x8/7/7/53x10
3b)Pushups-4x10(feet elevated)
4a)Reverse hypers: 90x4x15
4b)Band walks 4x15
4b)Trx face pulls 4x12
5a)Hanging leg raises: 1x10/3x8
5b)Band glute bridge: 2x30
6)Reverse sled drags: 6x25ish seconds

I look forward to this day because of squats...but I dread all the rest of it. I was able to get 165 for 3 sets of 8. Next week is all out week, so it's gonna be tough. 10 reps is my goal with 165, and that will be a rep PR! Actually, I think 9 will be a PR, so I'd be happy with that.

1)GHR: 12/10
2)Squats: 165x3x8
3)Deficit speed deadlifts: 165x12x1
4)Barbell walking lunges: 3x15
5)Leg press(wide): 4x15
6)Seated leg curls: x100
7a)Calf raises: 3x10/1x14
7b)Band feet elevated glute bridge: 3x25
8)Cable abductions: 3x15

1)Wide neutral grip pullups: 17.5x6/5/5/5
2)Bench press: cluster set-115x2-2-2 w/15-30 second rest (x2)Rest 2 minutes between sets/ 110x8
3a)Dips: 25x10/8/8
3b)Cable row narrow grip: 8/8/10/10
4)Lateral raises: 10/10/12
5)Cable bicep curl: 3x12-15
6)Pullaparts x100
7)1 arm overhead carries: 50x 2x25(ish) seconds each arm

1)Broad jumps 3x3
2)Sumo deadlifts: 185x3/205x3/225x3/235x3
3)Wide stance sumo deadlift: 165x2x8
4)RDLs: 145x3x12
5)Glute ham raise: 3x20
6)Narrow stance leg press: 270x5x10
7a)Cable pullthroughs: 3x15
7b)Seated band abductions: 3x25
Bike sprints: 6 x 15 seconds

Since increasing carbs over the last few months, I've gained almost 5 pounds! For me that's a lot, since I maintain my weight fairly easy and don't ever fluctuate more than a pound or two. I can definitely tell I've gained some bodyfat, especially in the midsection, but that's to be expected. I think my quads look a tad bit bigger, but not much. But at least squats and deadlifts are feeling strong, so I'm happy! :)


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