Workouts of the Week

Happy Sunday! 

Matt's parents were in from New York for the week, so it was nice to spend time with them. Saturday we all went out for pizza for Matt's birthday. 
 This is one of our top fave New York style pizza places. It's so good.

Workouts were good this week. Squats felt strong, and my back is feeling better. I did block pulls this week with a sumo stance and they were 10x easier... so I probably should do them conventional and not go for what's easier, right? ;) Friday I used 50s on chest press for the first time in a while and was really surprised to get 8 reps. They felt strong!

Deficit deadlifts Saturday were still freaking hard for me, but what's hard at the moment is going to be what makes you better! I tried to do front squats this week, and after the few reps decided not to risk it and did leg press instead. I hate it because front squats are such a good exercise, but it's the only thing that really causes actual pain in my back. It's weird because back squats are completely fine. 

One more week of this leg program!  It's definitely been hard, but I do feel stronger. Now gotta decide what to go with next-write out my own workouts or find another program to follow. I do want to stick with higher reps for lower body(nothing less than 6 except for deads). 

What is your all's training looking like lately?

1)Clap pushups: 3x5
2a)Pullups: 10/8/8/6/6 (3 sets neutral, 2 sets overhand)
2b)Bench press: 95x6/105x6/110x6/110x5
3a)Swiss Bar floor press: x8/6/7/8 (don't know how much the bar weighs)
3b)Inverted row: x12/10/ Tbar row: 2x8
4a)Ab wheel negatives: 1x8/3x8
4b)Band clams: 3x20
5)Back extensions: rest pause set to 50 reps
Sled drags: 15-20 seconds x7 sets

1)Squats: 185x3x5 (w/belt)
2)Block pulls(sumo stance): 185x2/205x2/225x2/235x2/245x2
3)Single leg RDLs: 60x3x10
4)Sissy Squats: 15x2x20
5)Leg curls(lying): 4x15
6a)Calf raise: 1x12/3x10
6b)Farmer's walks: 4x25ish seconds
7)Glute burner-
Band glute bridge x25
Single leg foot elevated bridge x8
x3 sets

1)Barbell overhead press: 75x7/6/6
2a)DB chest press:50x8/7/45x8
2b)Cable 1 arm pulldown: 4x10
3)Dips: 20x2x8
4a)Face pulls: 3x12
4b)DB alternating curls: 10/10/ 15(2 arm)
5)3 way lateral raise: 2x10/lateral raise 1x12
6)Plate carries: 3x20 seconds
7)ABC plank: 3x

1)Broad jumps 3x3
2)Deficit deadlifts(conventional) 5x5 185/205/205/205/195

3)Front squat Leg Press: 280x3x12
4)Pause squat: 130x3x6
5)Walking lunges:25x3x15
6a)Glute ham raise: 4x15
6b)Band abductions: 3x30
7a)Seated calf raises: 4x12-14
7b)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x12


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