Why I'm Not a Fan of Meal Plans

Being on a "diet" or a meal plan is easy. You eat what foods you're told to eat, and you don't eat foods you're not "allowed" to eat.

The problem is, you don't ever learn how to eat when you AREN'T on a diet or meal plan. When it comes to dieting and nutrition, so many people end up with the "all or nothing" mentality of either eating super "clean" or eating like crap; there is no in-between. And those are the people who are always "on again, off again", never able to get results and actually keep them. 

See, extremes are easy. Finding balance and moderation to eat well consistently is actually the hard part, but it's what brings
long term success.

Now, I'm not saying that following a meal plan or a diet is EASY, what I'm saying is what's actually harder is being able to know how to eat when you're NOT on a meal plan or diet. What's harder is finding balance and consistency with a nutrition style that is sustainable for you.

Yes, a strict meal plan will get you results. But are you able to maintain those results when you're no longer following the meal plan? When you're tired of eating the same foods over and over again? When you give in and eat something that's not "allowed" on your plan? If you gain back all the weight you lost afterwards, did it really work?

As you all probably know, I'm a big fan of flexible eating. Does it work for everyone? No, maybe not. But the main reason I'm a fan is because it changes your mindset. The thing with most meal plans and diets is that there are certain foods you "can't" have. And what usually happens when you "can't" have something, is that it's all you want. So as soon as you are off your plan, you have no self-control over those once forbidden foods and end up bingeing or going on a "free-for-all" and eating everything you couldn't have while on your meal plan.

I don't meticulously track macros, but I do practice flexible eating in the sense that I don't restrict any foods from my diet. It has been a lifesaver for me. Now, some people may look at me and just think, "Oh, she has good genetics". What they probably don't realize is I am actually very structured with my meals and that I don't just eat whatever I want all the time. So when I say that I include things like pizza, donuts, brownies and ice cream in my diet, it DOESN'T mean that I'm eating those things every day. It's just that I know that I CAN have those foods if I want them, and I do include them in my diet in moderation.

Having no foods off limits and knowing that there are no foods that are inherently "bad" or "fattening" makes ALL the difference. That mindset is the reason I am able to sustain this lifestyle and stay lean year round without "falling off the wagon", or being on and off of a meal plan or diet all time time. I have found a healthy form of balance and moderation that works for ME, and that will look different for everyone.

I know it's still hard for some people to accept the fact that you can actually include some "junk" foods into your diet and still get results, even when fat loss is your goal. Some people will never accept that anything besides super strict "clean" eating can work for weight management and/or fat loss goals. But it IS possible and it DOES work for so many people.

No,flexible eating is not an excuse to eat junk all the time, as many people mistakenly believe. Most people who follow flexible dieting or IIFYM actually do eat lots of veggies, lean proteins, healthy carbs, etc., but they just know that they can fit treats into their diet here and there without it negatively affecting their physique goals. Eating flexibly is all about having a healthy relationship with food. It's about being able to eat foods you enjoy in moderation so that it's not just a short term fix but something that you can continue with forever.


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