Christmas Pics

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas Eve we went to my mom's for dinner and presents.

This is what we got from Celeste when we asked her to smile for some photos. 
 But I did get a few good ones with her squinty eyed smile! Hey, I'll take it!

 And this one is adorable, too.

Christmas Day we went to another get together with my cousins.

These are just some of my cousins and their kids. There was a bit of family drama, so plans changed and not everyone all got together....but we still had a good time! 
This was my Christmas dinner #2, not including all the oreo balls that were consumed! Without a single bit of guilt or "working it off" the next day, as always. My philosophy is always just relax and have fun, don't go tooooo overboard(but it's okay if you do), and then get back on track the next day. It works y'all.

As always, I'm in a bit of a funk the few days after Christmas, especially when dealing with family drama. But I've realized that people will always let you down-the only one Who won't is Jesus! At least I have my sister back, my crazy cute little niece, my mom alive, my brother(as annoyed as I get by him and his attitude), food on the table, and the hope and joy of Jesus in my life. I've got all I want and need right there! And I still have my pretty Christmas tree up to enjoy for the next week! :)


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