I Believe In Christmas

I don’t believe in Santa
Or elves in the North Pole
But I do believe in Christmas
In a God who came to save my soul
I believe in a baby born in a manger
The very Son of God above
Who came to save the world from sin
And show us all true love
 I believe in angels singing
“Glory to God on high!”
Proclaiming Christ had come that day
So that we wouldn’t have to die

I believe in the love and grace of God
Who would send His only Son
To humble Himself and die for us,
So that with Him we could be one
 I believe in the hope of Jesus Christ
That His love can set us free
Because he came to Earth that day
To rescue both you and me
Yes, I believe in Christmas
And all it represents
Not just candy canes or pretty lights
But God’s very own presence
 I believe in miracles
That God still works today
The power of Christ if we believe
Can show us all the way


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