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There is a ton of energy that goes into hating yourself and obsessing over food.
Physical, mental, and emotional energy. It is draining and leaves you with little room for other amazing things in your life.
Imagine if we freed up that space for you and other people. Imagine the things that could occur.

What are some things you could fill your time with if you spent less worrying about your thighs or how many calories are in your meal??
Imagine for yourself how much freedom you'd have, what would you do??
Now go do it. And find more pleasure in your life from doing things that drive you and excite you versus spending time draining yourself. 
-Sarah Vance


  1. Seriously!!! It's so draining. I had a moment yesterday when I realized I felt drained by the constant thinking about every single choice I'd made that day. I actually felt exhausted and said out loud "ENOUGH". I'm maintaining my weight and getting stronger - I work out 4-5 days a week so if I can't eat whatever I want, I'm doing something wrong. So I had a quick pep talk with myself and kept it moving. You're right - once you shut off the incessant talk in your head, you feel lighter and that leaves room for thoughts and ideas that actually matter. Thank you for posting this :)

  2. Yup! Been there, done that! Still find myself at times going back...so I need the constant reminder! You're very welcome. Thanks for commenting!


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