Week Re-cap & Workouts

It's been busy the last few weeks, but I love it!

I had Mindy and Celeste and her family over for cookies last week, a choir reunion concert and my cousin's gender reveal party last weekend, and Celeste's pre-school Christmas concert Thursday.
This cookie decorating at my house is becoming an annual tradition! Celeste of course just likes to pile on the icing and allll the sprinkles.
I love having my sister over, because for so long she wasn't a part of my life. I'm so happy to have her back.:) We always have so much fun together. Once again, I could hardly get a single picture of Celeste! I guess it's an age thing. I may just have to start bribing her with treats like I do with Asher, ha!

Last night we went out for my birthday dinner, and of course I chose Longhorn just so I could have this amazing dessert! It did not disappoint.

I didn't get a chance to post last week's workouts, but they were pretty similar to this week's, so you're not missing anything, not that anyone really cares all that much anyway I'm sure! ;)

I'm working on re-focusing on goals and changing my mindset about my workouts. I found myself lately thinking 'What more can I do?' during my workouts, and now I'm trying to get away from the "more, more more" mindset and make myself stop with just the things I feel are most important. No more adding stuff in that serves no purpose. So we'll see how it goes! I really want to put on about 5 lbs. I've gained a few, but am now just maintaining, so I gotta push a little more with the eating to gain a few more!

I've not completely stopped working on strength recently, but I've been so concerned with gaining muscle in my legs that I stopped setting performance goals like I used to. And I want to get back to that. I want to get back to how I was when I first started CrossFit-there were so many things to learn and things that I wanted to accomplish, and that was what my focus was on. Looks were put to the backburner. Not that I'm just going to to stop caring what I look like, but I do want to get back to that mindset of continually setting challenges for myself.

I'm working on coming up with my own program or following 531 or Uncaged at the start of the new year. What do y'all think? Give me some ideas!

Here's what this week's workouts looked like:

1)Squats: 155x6/175x7/175x6/165x8
2)Pause squats: 155x3x6
3)RDLs: 135x10/155x8/165x8/8
4)Reverse hypers: 90x15/110x12/120x2x12
5)Glute ham raises: 0x12/15x10/10
6)Calf raises: 4x8-10
6b)Band walks: 3x15/leg
7)ABC plank: 3x

1a)Bench: 95x8/105x6/110x5+2(rest pause)/paused bench-95x2x6
1b)Wide grip fat bar pullups: 5x5
2a)Hammer strength seated row: 5x8
2b)Ring dips: 10/9/9
3)Band seated abductions: 2x25
4a)Barbell glute bridge with band: 145x3x12
4b)Band walks: 3x10/leg
5a)Offset farmer's walks (60&70lb kettlbell) 4x35-40 seconds
5b)Reverse bench crunches: 15/12/12
6)Pull-aparts: rest pause set x100

1)Trap bar deadlifts: 155x6/175x6/195x6/205x2x6
2)Bulgarian split squats: 30x2x10(30s each hand)/50x2x10(one dumbell, offset)
3)Leg press: 8/10/10+10(drop set)
4)Banded back extensions: 3x15
5a)Seated calf raise: 20/16/15/15
5b)Single leg glute bridge foot elevated w/band: 2x12/frog pumps w/band 2x30

1)Barbell hang power snatch: 85x3x3
2a)Weighted pullups(wide neutral): 20x3x6
2b)Handstand pushups: 6/5/5/5
3a)1 arm seated cable row: 10/10/9/9
3b)Dips: 35x2x8/0x16
4)TRX face pull to external rotation: 3x15
5)Hanging leg raises: 10/8/8/8
6a)Single arm overhead carry: 50x3x20-25 seconds/arm
6b)Jump rope: 8x40 seconds

Have a great week! 
🎄7 more days til Christmas!!🎄


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