Workouts of the Week

My hip flexors have been acting up, and today it was just too painful to squat. I went with box squats instead, which were definitely better, but man, I forgot how hard they were! Then I did some single leg leg press instead of pause squats. I guess I gotta stay away from regular squats for a while until these hip flexors chill out.

1)Box squats: 135x3x8
2)Single leg leg press- 3x10
3)RDLs: 135x10/155x8/175x3x6
4)Reverse hypers: 90x15/110x12/130x2x12
5)Glute ham raises: 20x3x8
6a)Calf raises: 12/4x10
6b)Band standing abductions: 3x15
7)Planks w/leg lift/stir the pot planks: 2 sets each

I don't know what I'm doing with bench press anymore, I really don't know. 😖 This workout looks like a lot but it was actually a pretty quick one. Totally made this one up on the fly.

1)Bench press: 95x5/110x2x5/105x7
+Pullups 5x5 (fat bar)
2a)Incline bench: 95x3x5
2b)T-bar row: 65x7/6/7/6/6
3)Lateral raises:30 reps rest pause
4a)Cable pullthroughs: 5x12
4b)Band seated abductions: 4x20
4c)Band pullaparts: 4x20
5)Band glute bridge: 2x30
6)TRX fallouts: 2x12/Rower rollouts: 1x10

I decided to not to trap bar deadlifts this week, but I really hate them. It felt good to do "real" deadlifts again! I still am going to stay away from squats, hence all the leg press this week.

1)Deadlift(sumo off plates): 155x6/185x4/205x4/215x4/4/205x8 (beltless)
2)BSS: 30sx2x10/offset-50x12/10
3)Leg press: 4x12 increasing weight each set
4)Back extensions : 50x3x12
5)Calf raise: 4x12-14
6)Reverse crunch on bench: rest pause to 40 reps (these burrrrrn!)
7)Glute kickback w/dumbbell: 2x20


I had no time Saturday to workout, so I did a workout at home this morning with just my bodyweight and a kettlebell!

1)Handstand pushups: 4x6
2a)1 arm pronated row: 3x12
2b)Feet elevated pushups: 3x12
3)Stair pullups: rest pause to 20 reps
4a)Band pullaparts: 4x15
4b)KB curls: 3x12
5a)Alternating swings: 35x4x20(10/side)
5b)Bear crawls forward/backwards

Hope you all enjoyed the time with family, making memories, and eating allll the treats with no guilt!


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