January "Currently"

Happy Hump Day!
I thought I'd do a January "Currently", since I didn't do one for December.

Soooo, here goes....

I'm currently:

This absolutely delicious creation:
I call it Hamburger Helper, because to me that's what it tastes like. I grew up on Hamburger Helper, and I don't know about you all, but I freaking love it. So for this I just use taco seasoned lean beef(I use a low sodium packet from McCormick), spaghetti sauce(no sugar added tomato & basil), and macaroni. That's it! And it's amazing.

A little bummed lately with Christmas being over, family drama, and the dreary weather. But that's the norm for me the first couple weeks of January. I'll get over it. At least Spring will be here in a couple of months!

To be here again soon. No, NEEDING to be here again soon! As I write this, it is currently 9 degrees. NINE DEGREES. Maybe, just MAYBE there will be a beach trip in my future??

The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. I really, really loved this book! It was one of those books that made me not be able to go to sleep at night because I wanted to keep reading it!

The New Celebrity Apprentice. We've been watching the Celebrity Apprentice for years now, and I love that now Arnold is the "boss"!

This hashtag going around on the internet right now! #GainingWeightIsCool. I'm ALL ABOUT encouraging women to be okay with weight GAIN, and with loving themselves no matter what their body looks like, no matter if they're shredded or soft or fluffy or whatever. It's an awesome thing.

Also, all of these posts out there on the internet:
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Why this powerlifter loves her body more than ever
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Why Women NEED Iron

My favorite current lip products: NYX lipstick in Thalia, Wet 'N Wild lipstick in Bare It All, and my newest-NYX Intense butter gloss in Tres Leches(can  you tell I'm a fan of nudes?).

Obsessing over- 
This mascara.It's the best mascara I've tried so far! I have super short and straight eyelashes, so I am very picky about mascara and need ALL the help I can get! I love the brush on this one and how it clings to every eyelash as you brush it through. Makes my lashes both thicker and longer.

Listening to-
Testify by NEEDTOBREATHE. Love this song!

Excited about-
The Little Mermaid on Broadway on next month! Matt got us tickets for me for Christmas, because he knew I had said I would love to go. The Little Mermaid is my FAVORITE Disney movies of all time!

my week off from the gym last week! I know it was definitely needed because honestly I didn't miss it one bit. Sometimes I'll take a deload and workout at home, but this week, I didn't want to do a DARN thing. I did do a short workout Friday and some light leg stuff Saturday, after 5 days of absolutely nothing-like, not even mobility work. I needed it. I enjoyed it. But now I'm excited to start a new workout plan!


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