Training Plan & Workouts of the Week

So I think I've settled on a training plan for the next couple months. It's nothing crazy, just going back to a heavy upper and lower day with reps in the 3-8 range, and then a hypertrophy upper and lower day with reps in the 8-12 range. 

Right now my focus is on increasing bench press and deadlifts. Also upping my calories, as I'm really going to try to put on a few pounds! The holidays got me off my regular eating schedule, so I actually lost a couple pounds. :/

I seriously don't know why, but when it has come to writing workouts for myself, I just suddenly went brain dead. Like every time I went to write one out, I just got anxiety and couldn't do it. It's the strangest thing. Actually, I really just think it's because I have all these workouts that I've printed out, and it was just too much to choose from.  I've considered doing 531 or Uncaged again, PHUL, PHAT, Layne Norton's PH3, Tony Venuto's TNB-28, and many more...But I'd find something "wrong" with all of them.

The thing is, there is not going to be a perfect program out there that has everything I want in it. There's just not. So I just gotta do SOMETHING. Like I know how to write out workouts and have been doing it for myself for 10 years, but I just came to the point recently where I felt like I needed something different. But really, it probably is best for me to write my own workouts that are specific to my goals anyway.  I think after this I may do 531 for hardgainers.

I'm sure I'll change a few things here and there as I go, but this is the tentative plan for the next 4-6 weeks:

Workout A1 MON
Workout B1 WED
Workout A2 FRI
Workout B2 SAT
1)Bench Press
3 x 3-5
1)Power Clean
3 x 5
1)Pullups or Inverted rows
3 x 8-12
1)Squat/pause squat
3 x 8-12
2a)Weighted Pull Up
3-5 x 5
2)Box squats??
2)DB Overhead Press
3 x 8-12
2)Glute-Ham Raise
3 x 8-12
2b)Push Press
3-5 x 3-5
3a)Seated Cable Row
3 x 8-12
3)Leg Press
3 x 8-12
3)Pendlay row
3-5 x 5-8
4)BB Step up
3 x 6-8
3b)DB 1 arm chest press
3 x 8-12
4a)Walking lunge
3 x 8-12
5a)Standing Calf Raise
5 x 8
Dumbbell Curl
3 x 8-12
4b)Back extensions
4b)Hanging leg raises

+Glutes-pullthroughs/band walks
5b)Ab wheel

6)Farmer's walks? or sled drags
4b)Dumbbell Triceps Extension
3 x 8-12

5)Rear delt exercise 3x12-15
5a)Seated Calf Raise
3 x 15

5b)Band glute bridges

Upper strength            Lower strength           Hypertrophy upper          Hypertrophy Lower

Depending on how I feel after the workouts, I may add in some sled drags or farmer's walks at the end and some extra glute stuff just like I've been doing on my first upper body day. I don't know yet how my hip flexors are going to be feeling with squats, so I may have to modify things if I can't do them.

Since I took a week off I'm easing back into things slowly, meaning that nothing is max weight. I'm keeping a couple reps in the tank on every lift and will add weight or reps each week. I plan on sticking with this heavy/hypertrophy split for a few months then switching it up again. I'm going to follow a deadlift program that I followed a while back because it worked well for me lets hope it will work again!

1)Bench press: 105x3x5 (75% max)
2a)Neutral wide grip pullups: 0x8/10x3x6
2b)Barbell push press: 95x3x5
3)Pendlay row: 95x4x5
4a)Dips: 12.5x2x10
4b)Hanging leg raises: 3x8
5a)Band glute bridge: 2x30
5b)Plate carries: 3x20ish seconds
6)Band walks: 3x15/leg

I was not sure how front squats were going to be...but even with a low weight, they bothered my back. So I guess no more front squats. Everything else was good, even though I think step ups are stupid....I'm gonna stick with them! 

1)Hang power cleans: 95x3x5
2)Front squat: 95x5/105x2x5 (was hoping I could do these, but they still hurt my back)😢
3)Conventional deadlifts: 185x5x5 (70% max)
4)Step up: 25sx8/45x8/55x2x8
5a)Ab rollouts to wall: 3x8
5b)Standing calf raise: 5x8
6a)Seated calf raise: 3x12
6b)Seated abductions: 3x25-30

1a)Inverted row underhand grip: 3x12
1b)Seated overhead dumbbell press: 30x3x10
2a)Cable pulldown: 12/10/10
2b)Single arm DB chest press: 35x3x12
3a)DB alternating curls: 10/12/12
3b)Cable overhead extensions: 3x12
4)Bentover lateral raises: 3x12\

Hip flexors were feeling better, but still not 100%, so I didn't want to push it this week with squats. I probably should have stuck with 135 this week, but my pride got the best of me. I just miss squatting heavy...even though it's only been a few weeks. I was sore after this one!

1)Barbell squat:135x8/155x8/155x6/135x8
2)Glute ham raise: 0x12/10x3x12
3)Leg press: 3x12
4a)Back extensions: 40x3x12
4b)Goblet split squat: 40x3x10
5a)Calf press on leg press: 4x10
5b)Clams w/band: 2x20/frog pumps w/band: 2x30
6)Seated calf raise: 3x12


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