Workouts of the Week

Workouts were good this week. Added a little weight to each lift or tried to do an extra rep on at least one set, but still keeping things submax. Squats are still feeling iffy on my hip flexor, but at least they felt a little stronger this week. If it gets worse, I'm going to have to lay off of squats...but as of now it's not as bad as it was a few weeks ago, so I'm hoping it will continue to get better!

1)Bench press: 110x3x5 (about 80% of max)
2a)Pullups(wide, neutral grip): 0x6/15x3x6
2b)Push press: 100x3x5
3)Pendley row: 105x4x5
4)Dips: 15x2x10
5)Reverse crunch: 15/12/Hanging leg raise: 2x8
6a)Offset Farmer's walks: 70/50 lbs x 4x 30ish seconds
6b)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x10

1)Power cleans 105x3x5
2)Deadlifts: 200x5x3 (75%)-beltless and double overhand
3)Barbell step ups(single leg): 65x3x8
4a)Glute ham raise: 25x3x6
4b)Ab rollouts on toes to wall: 4x8
5)Reverse sled drags: 280x4x15ish seconds
6a)Standing calf raise: 170x5x8
6b)Seated abductions: 3x30

1a)DB seated overhead press: 35x2x9/30x10
1b)Chinups: 2x8/Inverted row 2x12
2a)Single arm chest press: 35x10/40x10/40x9
2b)Seated cable row: 3x10
3a)Cable tricep pushdown: 15/12/12
3b)Alternating bicep curl: 2x10/cable curl x12
4)Incline bench reverse fly: 3x15
5)L-sit: 10 second hold, 20 second rest x5
6)Pallof press: 3x10

1)Barbell Squats: 135x10/155x2x8/135x12
2)Glute ham raise: 10x3x12
3)Leg press: 270x12/290x2x12+10(drop set last set)
4a)Back extensions: 40x3x12
4b)Goblet split squats: 40x2x10/offset-40x12
5a)Calf presss: 10/10/8/8
5b)Clams 2x20/banded frog pumps: 2x30
6)Seated calf: 15/12/12
7)Air dyne bike: 15 seconds x5

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  1. Hey there! Thanks so much for linking to my good/bad foods post! I'm so glad you liked it :) Take care!


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