Workouts February 20-25

Happy Sunday! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Here are the workouts I did this past week. I'm going to stick with this heavy/light training plan for a couple more weeks, and then I'm going to change it up a bit. I've still been increasing my portions and adding calories, but I swear I have a case of the ever shrinking quads. It's crazy how stubborn my legs are. Oh well. I give up! Not really...I'll probably be 80 years old in the gym still trying to get bigger legs. Ha! 

I wasn't feeling like working out on this day, so I did my light upper body day instead of my heavy day. I will probably just keep it like this for the next couple weeks.

 1a)Landmine press: 10/7/8/8
1b)Pullups, neutral grip: 3x8
2a)DB chest press: 10/8/8/10
2b)Cable rows: 3x12
3a)Lateral raise: 3x10
3b)TRX reverse flyes: 3x12
4a)TRX bicep curls: 3x12
4b)Tricep pushdowns: 3x12-15

Deadlifts felt a lot heavier than I thought they should...but I haven't went that heavy in a while, so it's to be expected I guess. I'm kind of missing sumo deadlifts, but I know that my one rep max is stronger on conventional deads...and I would really love to get 300 pounds! That just seems almost impossible to me though. I'm really liking the heavy Bulgarian split squats!They are probably my favorite single leg exercise. 

1)Broad jumps: 3x3
2)Deadlifts: 5x1 85%(230)
3)Bulgarian split squats: 70x8/90x2x7/30s(dumbells)x8
4)Glute ham raise:25x6/30x3x6
5a)Calf raise: 4x8
5b)Ab wheel 3x8 toes/1x15 knees

Bench press is still just feeling STUCK. I was hoping to get 120 for 4 reps, but decided to do a couple sets of 3 since I didn't have a spot, and I don't like to grind out reps. My pullups and rows did feel strong though. I actually forgot about dips...oops!

1)Bench press: 115x4/120x3/120x3/115x4
2a)Wide neutral grip pullups: 30x4x4
2b)Push press: 110x3x4
3)T-bar row: 70x7/7/6/6
4a)L-sit on rings 4x12 seconds
4b)1 arm overhead carries 55lbs x20-25 seconds/side

Squats felt heavy this week, so I didn't add any weight or reps, but did an extra back off set. I'm hoping to be able to add reps or sets on squats each week or every other week. I added in split stance RDLs this week, and forgot how much I LOVE them-I really felt them in my hamstrings the next day. And I've been doing the Goblet split squats just because the gym is so packed on Saturdays that I can't do walking lunges. But I actually love the split squats and really feel them in my glutes! By the time I get to them, my legs are shaking. When I change up my program I'm gonna add sled drags or prowler pushes back in-hopefully I can do them outside if the weather warms up. I miss them!

1)Squats: 155x3x9/135x10
2)Leg press: 270x10/280x10/10/300x10+270x12
3)Split stance RDL: 35s(70)x3x12
4a)Banded back extensions: 1x15/3x12
4b)Goblet split squats: 4x10
5a)Seated calf raise: 70x3x12
5b)Single leg band bridge: 2x12/double leg: 2x25
10 minutes of jumping rope + 
quadruped banded hip extensions for 3 sets  of 15


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