Workouts February 6-11

We finally had some warmer weather this weekend and spent some much needed time outside.
I'm so beyond ready for Spring to get here. This lack of sunshine is messing with my brain.

So anyways, as far as workouts go, I'm sticking with the upper/lower heavy and hypertrophy days. I like having a heavy day and then a just a "pump" day later in the week. I've been changing up the hypertrophy days a bit each week just to keep things fun. Sometimes I get bored following a program, so this way I get the best of both worlds.

This month I'm doing 4x4 for my main lifts on the heavy days except for the deadlifts since I'm following program for those. Lighter days are 8-15 reps. I am also switching up some of the exercises this month-T-bar rows instead of Pendlay rows and Bulgarian split squats instead of step ups.

1)Bench press: 115x4x4
2)Narrow neutral grip pullups: 22.5x3x5
3a)T-bar row: 70x6/6/5/5
3b)Push press: 105x4x4
4)Dips: 25x2x8
5)Dragonflies: 2x6/Hanging leg raise: 2x8
6)Overhead carries 1 arm: 50/55/55x20-25 seconds/arm

1)Hang power cleans 115x3x3
2)Deadlifts: 5x5 @75% (200lbs)
3)Bulgarian split squats: 30sx6(dumbbells)/80(barbell)x6/7/7
4)Glute ham raise: 25x3x7
5a)Ab wheel rollouts : 3x8/1x6
5b)Calf raise: 4x8
6)Seated abductions. 2x25/standing 2x12

1)Seated cable row: 12/10/ Lat pulldown: 2x12
2)Dumbbell seated overhead press: 30x11/35x9/8/ 30x8
3a)Inverted row, palms up: 3x12
3b)DB 1 arm chest press: 35x12/40x2x10/35x12
4)Incline bench reverse flyes: 3x15
5a)Tricep pushdowns: 14/12/11+5(drop set)
5b)EZ bar curls: 2x12
6)Stir the pot plank : 3x30 seconds

1)Single leg leg press: 3x12
2)Barbell squats: 135x3x12
(Back was sore, so kept the weight light. Can't believe I did sets of 12 for squats!)
3)Back extensions: 35x3x15
4)Walking lunges: 40sx8/30sx10/25sx12/Goblet-30x14
5)Glute ham raise: rest pause set to 60 reps
6a)Frog pumps w/band: x30/25
6b)Seated calf raise: 3x12
7)Jump rope + glute stuff for 8 minutes


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