At Home Leg & Booty Workout

✴Happy Monday!✴

Today I have a leg and glute focused workout that you can do with just a set of dumbbells and a stability ball. I did this Saturday in place of my light leg day at the gym. It was just too beautiful to be inside, and I love having the option to workout at home when I want to.
  • Single leg squat to bench: 20lbs x3x12 each leg(Make sure to lower down slow and controlled-don't just plop down onto the chair. Also make sure that the knee stays tracking over the middle of your food.)
  • Superset: dumbbell front squat: 25s x3x15(Rest the dumbbells on your shoulders, and make sure to keep your chest and elbows up but ribs down.)
  • Stability ball leg curls: 6 on each leg, then 8-10 reps with both legs, 3 sets(The main thing on these is to keep those hips up and try to squeeze the butt!)
  • Split stance RDL: 25s x3x12 each leg(On these you want to make sure you aren't reaching forward with the weights, but reaching those hips back. You should feel a good hamstring stretch in that front leg. Keep your lats tight by pretending to squeeze in orange with your armpits.)
  • Single leg foot elevated glute bridge: 3 sets of  10 single leg + 12 double leg (Make sure you are not arching through the lower back on these-keep your ribs down and try to tuck your pelvis under at the top, push through the heel, and squeeze that butt. Mind in the muscle is key here!)
  • Band walks: 3x12/side
  • Sled drags: 10 x 20ish seconds w/30-45 second rest
*If you don't have a tire or access to a sled you could do jumping lunges, kettlebell swings, or treadmill/deadmill sprints for 20 seconds of work, 40 seconds recovery for 10 rounds.*


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