Five Things Friday

Happy Friday!
Thought I'd do a random "Five Things Friday" for y'all today.

I am super excited about these new protein cookies MuscleTech sent for me to sample. I had one after my workout Monday, and let me tell ya-they are aweSOME!   

Just finished this book(#10 of the year), and it was really good! I just love books, can you tell? 

I'm obsessed with these photos of Celeste my sister took. I got to see her last weekend, and she is just as cute as ever. She really doesn't like taking pictures though, so I cherish the ones we can get! I'm sure my sister had to bribe her for these. I'm hoping to see her more now that the weather is warmer!

Well, we booked a trip to Florida! 38 more days y'all, and my toes will be in the sand. I cannot wait.  

I'm loving this song right now! I really love Unspoken's music. This song is just so upbeat and has a great message.
Well, I hope you all have a great weekend! After a somewhat stressful week dealing with Asher and some complications from a surgery he had, I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend. I'm excited to have some warmer weather...and I'm definitely foreseeing a Culver's mixer in my near future! :)


  1. She doesn't like taking pictures? She doesn't take after mom, that's for sure.

    1. She really doesn't. :( If you're talking about me, well, I'm not her mom. I don't think it would be possible for a child of mine to not like taking pictures! Haha.


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