Easter Pics

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all enjoyed  your Easter weekend! We went to church Saturday night and then to Mom's  house for a cookout on Sunday. 

I was so happy to see this silly little girl! She is too funny.

It was supposed to be rainy all day, but thankfully the storms held off until later.

 Celeste's newest thing seems to be making funny faces and hand gestures in her pictures.

But I did manage to get a couple of normal ones!

 Besides this plate of turkey sausage, hot dog, potato salad and chips, I had some chips with queso dip and ham and cheese rollups. I love cookout food!

And of course, I saved room for dessert! These brownie cupcakes never disappoint. That is a brownie cooked in a muffin tin with peanut butter frosting and peanut butter m&ms on top. Amazingness. Worth every bite. 


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