Grace is Greater

I just finished reading Kyle Idleman's newest book, Grace is Greater. Just like the others I've read by him, I really enjoyed it. I love Kyle's style of writing and the analogies he uses to make biblical concepts make "sense", as well as the humor that is infused throughout his books.

This book was all about the greatness of God's grace and the effect that it can have on our lives. He also points out how if we miss out on grace, bitterness and anger can easily take root in us and destroy us.

Kyle starts out by explaining how grace is best understood, not by explanation alone, but through experience. He mentions how Jesus never actually used the word grace, but all throughout the New Testament He showed us what it looked like.
Throughout the book, Kyle uses real life and biblical examples to show how grace is greater than anything in our lives: how it is greater than our mistakes, greater than our hurts, and greater than our circumstances.

He further explains how grace is...

....more forgiving than your guilt, more beautiful than your brokenness, and more redemptive than your regrets.

....more healing than your wounds, more freeing than your bitterness, more prevailing than your vengeance, and more reconciling than your resentment.

...more peaceful than your disappointments, more powerful than your weakness, and more hopeful than your despair.

If you're struggling with hurt, shame, bitterness, anger, guilt, fear, or insecurity, you need a taste of God's grace, and this book is just for you. See to it that you don't miss out on the grace of God(Hebrews 12:15)...

Because no matter what you have been through, or are going through, just know that God's grace is greater.


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