Weekend & Workouts

Happy Monday!

Highlights of the weekend:

This cheesy goodness from Chubby Ray's pizza Saturday...

And then seeing Celeste at the park Sunday❣
I actually got some pictures!
I thought I'd share my workouts with you this week, even though I took this week as sort of a deload week. I did start my new leg hypertrophy program, but I kept the weights light, focused on the mind muscle connection and did everything slow and controlled. Each week I will push it harder and up the weight. This week I just wanted to get a feel for it, not try to kill myself.

I've been enjoying my upper body workouts at home, and I may just continue doing them at home since I'm not doing anything heavy this month. I just have a couple sets of dumbbells and a 25 and 35 pound kettlebell, so I'm somewhat limited, but I can really get in a pretty challenging workout with just those and my bodyweight if I get creative. Here's what last week looked like:

‣Tuesday Upper Pull
This was a very light "pulling" focused workout(dumbbell rows, cable pulldowns, TRX T + Ys, bicep curls, lateral raises).

‣Wednesday Quads
This workout is deceivingly tough! On paper, it looks easy enough...but by the time you get to the walking lunges the quads are like, NOPE. Even going light today on everything, my quads(and lungs) were burning. I actually was able to do the front squats with no back pain, even though I was using a stupid light weight.

1)Goblet split squats 4x12
2)Front squats 4x12
3)Leg press 5x10
4)Barbell walking lunge: 4x15
5)Ab wheel rollouts

‣Friday Upper Body Push
Another very light, low intensity upper body day, just consisting of some "pushing" movements(handstand pushups, pushups, 1/2 kneeling dumbbell presses, and some tricep extensions and pull-aparts).

‣Saturday Hamstrings
This workout was fairly easy, but like I said, I'm doing everything light this week, so I'm sure it will get more challenging once I start using heavier weight...especially  with sets of 10 reps on deadlifts!! This workout only took me like 30 minutes at the gym, and then I did about 8 minutes of sled drags at home.

1)Glute ham raise 4x15
2)Sumo deadlifts 4x10
3)Cable pull-throughs 3x15
4a)Seated leg curls 4x12
4b)Hanging leg raises: 3x8-10
5)Stir the pot planks: 3x25 seconds
6)Sled drags: 6 sets of 20ish seconds(or whenever my legs gave out)

I can already tell you this light weight high rep stuff is gonna get old REAL quick. One week in and I'm already itching to have some heavy weight on my back! I have problems.

Have a great week!


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