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"Sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to make fitness and health practices NOT about fat-loss. 

Is fat-loss an ok goal?
Of course!

But people can get to some pretty stressful, unhealthy and unhappy places when they feel the pressure to always be losing.

To always be shrinking.

Personally I think that if we get fat-loss results in a way that isn't sustainable or enjoyable, then we are not succeeding.Our results won't last and we are losing important pieces of ourselves, of our lives.

I LOVE helping women reach their goals, including the physical ones, but I don't believe that focusing on our bodies 100% of the time OR making all of our fitness goals all about appearance is wise, helpful or healthful.In fact I don't even see it as a super effective strategy.

When I was focused on losing fat and cellulite, I was inconsistent with exercise, didn't enjoy movement, and was not empowered or encouraged by my fitness practices.

When I shifted my focus to gaining skills, finding forms of movement that I loved and the creation of ways to make them happen in my busy life, that's how I fell in love with fitness.

I have a squishier belly and more cellulite now than I have in a long time, but you know what, I have WAY more confidence now than ever before.I can lift heavy weights, keep up with my kids, and swing heavy kettlebells.

That's not to say that I help clients gain weight and cellulite, but I do want to emphasize that sometimes our goals aren't always what will ultimately make us feel good.

When my clients include goals beyond fat-loss and ALSO focus on things they wish to accomplish or be able to do in their lives, then they tend to have a much better experience doing the work and making some of the healthy changes that they need to make.

So let's think beyond just getting skinnier.

How does fat-loss fit into the big picture goals that you have for your life, your self-confidence and health?

Remember, your appearance is not your fitness and nutrition report card.

Feeling strong, energized, confident, and at peace with ourselves and how we structure our lives WINS over being slaves to the scale and clothing sizes."

-Sarah Smith 


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