This Month's Training Plan (May-June 2017)

Happy Monday!

We had an absolutely beautiful weekend here in KY! I got my flowers planted, washed my car, cruised around in the Jeep, grilled out, and got ice cream at Culver's.
I love weekends like that! 

So training update: I'm going to continue another month or so with a higher rep focus and then I'll start adding back in my heavier squats and deadlifts or go back to a heavy day and a light day each week. Sets of 10-12 on squats are NOT fun but sometimes you gotta do things that aren't fun to work on your weaknesses. And mine is FOR sure higher reps. It'll only make me better in the long run!

Some days I feel like my legs are bigger and then other days I feel like they're smaller! I looked so puny in my vacation pics, I do know that. ;) But it is what it is. I am not gonna hate my body because I'm not "thick" or curvy-this is just me, and I'm not gonna feel bad about it. Even if I do look like a 12 year old boy in a bikini. 😜 But like I said, I need to work on my endurance and that is only going to help me when I get back to my heavier lifts so that I'll be able to squeeze our more reps without gassing out so soon!

I've been doing a push/pull split for upper body just to change things up a bit, but honestly it's just a loose plan- I'll probably switch it up each week based on what I feel like doing. Upper body days are just soooo boring to me lately because I don't care about growing my upper body, and I don't really have any goals right now...which I definitely gotta get back to. I know there is ALWAYS something to improve on, just gotta get back to that mindset. I think what I'll probably do is pick a few exercises to focus on getting stronger on.

As far as lower body days, I've found that I really do like splitting legs into a quad focus and a hamstring focus, and it's something I have never done for the long term, so I'm going to stick with it for a while. For this month I just swapped out exercises for lower body-so for quad day I'll be doing Bulgarian split squats instead of split squats, back squats instead of front squats, and reverse barbell lunges instead of walking lunges(I actually plan on alternating them weekly). For hamstring day I'll be doing single leg RDLs instead of the RDLS or cable pullthroughs, and lying leg curls in place of seated leg curls. I'll also probably lower the reps on deadlifts.

1 arm dumbbell row 3x10-12
Bench press 3-4x8
Pullup 3 x amap (not to failure)
Dumbbell chest press 3x10-12
Cable row 3x12
Dumbbell Arnold press 3x10
Barbell curl 3x8-10
Lateral raise 3x12-15
Trx fly or face pull 3x12-15
Abs & rear delts
Goblet Bulgarian split squat 4x10-12
GHR 4x10-15
Back squat 4x10-12
Deadlift 4x8-10
Leg press 5x8-10
Single leg RDL 4x10-12
Reverse lunge or walking lunge 4x12-15
Lying leg curls 4x12
Calf raise 4x8-10
Calf raise 3x15-20
+Prowler or sled drags


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