Vacation Recap-Pics, Food, and Workouts

 I'm baaaack!!

We had a great time in Florida, and I'm definitely missing it already. It's soooo hard for me to leave the beach! No time there is ever long enough. I had a great time doing nothing but laying in the sun and eating all day, ha! Okay, maybe we did get in a few workouts. ;)

The weather was pretty perfect except for a couple of lower temperature days where the wind was out of control.  We shivered our butts off one night watching the sunset...but it beats being here in Louisville where it was in the 40s and rainy! We picked a great week to go!

We stayed at the Sirata Beach Resort on St. Pete beach, and we really liked it. The beach is beautiful, there are tons of restaurants to choose from nearby, and they gave us an ocean view room, which was great.

Pretty much all of our days consisted of getting up and working out, eating breakfast in our hotel room, heading out to the beach for a little while and then the pool for a couple of hours. We'd head back in for lunch, and then go back to the pool again for a little bit before going in to get ready for dinner. We enjoyed the hotel's restaurants, as well as the ones at the hotel right next to ours(Grand Plaza). We ate at Spinner's restaurant one night, which is located at the very top of the Grand Plaza hotel next door, and it revolves as you eat. It was pretty cool! We also went and played putt-putt one day at a course down the street from the hotel.

And this is when I bombard you with photos!
I have an obsession with palm trees.

The water was beautiful!
Aren't I lucky??

Before dinner one evening

My happy place!
Playing putt-putt-I won! :)

The revolving restaurant where we ate

We loved these hammocks in the evenings!
Beach girl for life!
Of course, I had to do some handstands on the beach!

What we ate:
There was a Publix grocery store within walking distance of the hotel, so we went the first day and stocked up with some food to eat for breakfasts and lunches so that we didn't have to eat out every single meal...cuz that adds up quick!

Breakfast was usually cottage cheese or a Triple Zero yogurt with a couple of hard boiled eggs and an apple.

Lunch was a turkey sandwich with some Tyson chicken or a tuna packet on the side with Triscuits, grapes, and baby carrots. And a Diet Pepsi. ;)

I  had a protein shake first thing in the morning pre-workout and a protein bar if I got hungry between meals. I brought a whole tub of protein and a box of bars along with us.

For dinners, I had everything ranging from pork chop, steak, chicken, and turkey wraps and paninis.

Of course, I had to get me a big ice cream cone after dinner one night, and it SO hit the spot. I got a scoop of caramel ice cream and a scoop of moose tracks, and it was delicious. I also had to get me a fruity drink on our last day, non-alcoholic of course, since I don't drink. ;) It was so yummy and refreshing.
I was able to eat freely and relaxed without stressing one second about calories, macros, or my abs, or anything of the sort. That's called finding balance, and it's a glorious thing. And guess what? I did not gain a single ounce.

So this trip we actually managed to get in 4 workouts, but they were all no longer than 30 minutes. Every vacation isn't like that-I think last year and the year before I only got in maybe 2 or 3 workouts. But I do like to start my day with a workout when we can, and we pretty much had the gym to ourselves every morning, which was great!

We just did upper/lower/upper/lower Tuesday-Friday. Only weights, no cardio. Cuz who got time for that? I didn't do anything heavy or super challenging, since I wanted this to be sort of a deload week. Just basically wanted to move my body a bit.

Tuesday Lower Body
1)Single leg reverse offset lunge-3x12
2a)Single leg RDL 3x12
2b)Goblet squat 3x12
3a)Leg curls 3x12
3b)Single leg reverse lunge jumps 3x10
4)Leg press: 2x20
5)Cable crunches 3x15
Glute circuit-
Frog pumps x20-30
Band walks x12
Band clams x15
3-4 rounds

Wednesday Upper Body
1a)Lat pulldown 4x10-12
1b)Overhead dumbbell press standing-4x12
2a)1 arm low cable row 4x10-12
2b)DB chest press: 4x10-12
3a)Machine hammer curl 3x12
3b)Lateral raise: 3x12
4)Face pull 3x15

Thursday Lower Body
1)Partner assisted Nordic hamstring curl 3x10
2a)Leg curls 4x12-15
2b)Step up 4x12
3a)Single leg hip thrust 4x10
3b)Cable pullthroughs 4x15
4a)Pallof press 3x10
4b)Single leg calf raise 3x20/leg

Friday Upper Body
1a)Pullups 4x6
1b)Pushups 4x10
2a)Arnold press 4x8
2b)1 arm dumbbell row 4x8
3a)Cable pushdowns 3x12
3b)Band pullaparts 4x15
4a)Hanging leg raise 4x8
4b)Lateral bear crawl 4x

Welp, that's it for my vacation recap. Now it's back to reality!


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