Weekend Recap & Workouts

Happy Tuesday!

We had a great 3 day weekend!

Went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner Saturday and then had ice cream for dessert. Because it's summertime, after all.
Then Celeste came and spent the night Saturday and stayed with me all day Sunday. We had lots of fun! I just love her.
Monday I trained some clients and worked out in the morning and then floated in the pool for the first time this year! Finally! It was such a beautiful day, so we took a cruise in the Jeep, grilled out a yummy dinner, and took Asher for a walk.

We grilled chicken that I marinated in sugar free barbecue sauce, along with grilled red potatoes tossed in olive oil and seasonings, a side salad, and watermelon. So good!

I thought I would share what my workouts have been looking like lately. I did change things up a bit this week from what I had planned, but here's what I did:

Home workout- shoulders and back focus

Wednesday Quads
I was able to go a little heavier on squats and split squats, but dang, doing sets of 10 on squats is basically cardio! By rep 7 I cannot breathe. I was pretty sore after this one, which has been the norm the last few weeks.

Bulgarian split squat- 4x12
Squat- 4x10
Leg press-3x10/2x12
Walking lunges holding weights in hands- 2x15
Reverse single leg deficit lunges-2x12

*Calf raises and abs

Push focused workout(chest/shoulders/triceps+rear delts)

My back has been acting up, so I skipped deadlifts this week and changed this workout up a bit on the fly. I actually really had fun doing the prowler pushes! I had lots of energy...probably from not having to do high rep deadlifts. Those just take everything out of me!

Glute ham raise(w/weight) 4x10
Barbell RDL 4x12
Reverse hypers 4x15
Ball leg curl-4 x single leg x6/+double leg x6-8
Prowler push-8 x12ish seconds

I got a massage today, and I'm going to the chiropractor Thursday.  I'm hoping I can get this back straightened out and get back to my heavy lifting soon! I got my powerlifting coach to write me out a a new workout plan, so I'm really excited to start it and get STRONG again. :)


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