Your Body Will Never Make You Happy

Newsflash: your body will never make you happy. 

If you aren't happy with yourself or your life now but are thinking that you will be when you lose another 10 pounds, or when you get the 6 pack, or when you are a certain number on the scale, then you will be sadly disappointed. Because the thing is, once you reach that goal, there will be something else you're not satisfied with and that you want to change. It's a neverending cycle!

If you don't already have happiness within you, changing your body isn't gonna do it. Happiness goes far deeper than outer appearance, so if you're seeking it through looks alone, you will always find it elusive.

I can honestly say that my body does not bring me happiness. I was just as happy when I had more body fat as I am right now. I was just as happy when I had less muscle as I am right now. When I look in the mirror and don't like what I see, I am still as happy as on a day where I DO like what I see. Because to me, happiness is not a fleeting emotion but a deep down, inner sense of well-being and contentment that is not contingent on outside circumstances or on the way I look.

With that being said, does being generally "happy" with ourselves and our lives mean that we are always satisfied with and LOVE our bodies or that we don't have crappy days or that we're never insecure? Does it mean that we shouldn't care about our looks or that we shouldn't want to change our bodies at all? NO, of course not. It just means that overall we have a deep sense of joy in our lives that does not come from how we look.

Yeah, I will not deny that feeling good about your body makes you feel great and gives you confidence and all that good stuff. Being healthy and fit and strong does have a positive impact on my life and my overall well being, and it is one of the things that contributes to my overall sense of happiness...but it's not my main source of happiness. I know that without it, I would STILL be happy.

One thing we have to remember is that our bodies WILL change...and most likely for the worse as we get older. So if our happiness is largely dependent on our bodies looking "perfect", what happens when they aren't so perfect anymore? What would happen if one day(God forbid) an illness or accident took away our ability to workout?  You better have something beyond your workouts and your body to make you happy.

My happiness comes from being obsessively grateful about life and being content with what I have. It's knowing that I have a purpose that goes far beyond what my body looks like or how much I can squat. It's knowing how deeply loved I am by my Creator and Savior. It's the hope I have in Jesus.

My happiness has nothing to do with what I weigh. It has nothing to do with whether my abs are visible or not. It has nothing to do with if I'm muscular or if I had a good squat day. Because I know that those things do not define me. I know that those things are not  what will matter at the end of my life or when I face God someday. I know that those things will never do for me what God can do for me.


  1. Perfect timing with this post! Great reminder for me that weight loss isn't going to make me happy and be some dramatic life changer. Things will be the same in my life, I'll just be able to move a little better. I'm very content in my life right now. Just looking forward to feeling awesome!
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you! That is great! Yes, health and feeling good are great goals to strive for...but they won't make us happy. Thank you for commenting!


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