Workouts Of The Week-New Program

Happy Monday!

Went on a little family road trip over the weekend to Cave City. We grew up going here every year, so it's very nostalgic for us.

Then had a yummy quesadilla and ice cream for dinner! Didn't take a picture of my ice cream because I scarfed it down in 5 seconds.
Sunday was just a relaxing pool day. It was such a gorgeous weekend with much lower humidity, which is always nice! 

So last Monday I started my new program, written by my powerlifting coach, and I really like it so far! Here's what I did:

Monday Upper + Glutes
This workout is a hypertrophy/accessory day, whatever you wanna call it. I changed around the order of days just because there are certain things at my gym that I have access to on certain days and not others.
So I discovered in this workout that I hate barbell glute bridges. I just couldn't get them to feel right...but maybe it's just because I haven't done them in so long. I may swap something out for them. I also discovered that I suck at pushups. Actually, I already knew that. The program calls for 4 sets of 15, but I can barely squeeze out 10 reps. Whyyyy?

1)Dumbbbell 1 arm bench press: 3x15
2)Dumbbell chest supported row 3x12-15
3a)Single arm lat pulldown 3x15
3b)Banded good morning 3x15
4a)Glute bridge 4x12-15
4b)Pushups 4x amap (I did 9-12 most sets)
5a)Face pull 3x20
5b)Farmer's walks 3x25ish seconds
6)Kettlebell swings: 4x30 seconds

Wednesday Squat Day:
The squats were only 60% of my max, but they felt heavy this week for some reason. Maybe just from not doing back squats last week. I am loving the amrap sets, although I'm not so sure I will be when the weight goes up! I managed to get in 14 reps this week on the amrap set, not going to failure. Front squats didn't bother my back , which is what I was afraid of, but I did keep the weight light, so it will be interesting to see how they feel if I go heavier. I was actually sore from this workout which surprised me! Could have been the front foot elevated split squats, which I've never done before. They're somewhat awkward, but I just gotta get the feel for them!

1)Squat 60% x3x5/ 1x14

2)Front squat 3x8
3)Front foot elevated split squat 4x10
4a)Leg extensions 3x20
4b)Single arm Farme'rs walks 3x35 seconds
5a)1/2 kneeling Pallof press: 3x10
5b)Band seated abductions: 3x20-25
6)Prone single leg hip extension 3x20/leg

Friday Bench Day
I really enjoyed this workout! Maybe because it had some "bro" arm work-haha. I liked doing heavy bench and chest press, then some pump work, and the bottoms up kettlebell presses were really fun but challenging. I really felt the burn in my shoulders!

1)Bench press 3x5/1x14
2)Dumbbell chest press: 3x8
3)Cable row: 3x12
4)Lat pulldown: 3x12
5a)Cable curl: 3x12
5b)Tricep pushdown: 3x12
6)Bottoms up kettlebell press: 3x10

Saturday Deadlift Day
Well, this was my first time doing conventional deadlifts in a few months, and even though it was light, I still was unsure how it would feel on my back...but it felt good! I was so happy! I played it safe on the amrap set and stopped at 8. No need to be stupid with deadlifts. Perfect form is my goal. I enjoyed the rest of the workout and am really glad that it has single leg RDLs in there. Well, okay,I did not the step ups! I will never like step ups. But that's the advantage to having someone do your programming-you usually end up doin things you probably wouldn't program for yourself! I suck at pullups right now, so instead of the 3 sets of 10, I did 4 sets of 7 and then a few L-sit pullups just to get in the same volume.

1)Deadlifts 60% 3x5/1x8

2)Step ups: 3x10 ( I used a high box)
3)Single leg RDL: 3x10
4a)Pullups: 4x7
4b)Glute ham raise: 3x12
5)Reverse sled drags : 6x30 seconds (the burrrrnnnn!!!)

Here is the full plan:
1)Single arm DB bench press 3x12
2)Chest supported row 3x15
3a)1 arm lat pulldown 3x15
3b)Banded good morning 3x15
4a)Pushup 4x15
4b)Barbell glute bridge/hip thrust 4x15
5a)Face pulls 3x20
5b)Farmer’s walks 3x
Kettlebell Swings 4-6x30 sec
1)Squat(see reps below)
2)Front squat (or leg press) 3x8
3)Foot elevated split squat 3x10
4a)Suitcase carry
4b)Band abductions 3x20
5a)Leg extensions 3x20
5b)½ kneeling Pallof press 3x10
6)Single leg prone hip extensions 3x20

1)Bench (see reps below)
2)DB bench press 3x8
3)Cable row 3x12
4)Lat pulldown 3x12
5a)Cable tricep 3x10
5b)Cable bicep 3x10
6)Bottoms up KB press 3x10
1)Deadlift (see reps below)
2)Sumo deadlift 2x5
3)Single leg RDL 3x10
4a)Pullup 3x10
4b)Glute ham raise 3x12
5)Stir the pot 3x30 seconds
6)Sled- 6 x75-100 ft *heavy

Squat/Bench/Deadlift reps:
Week 1 60%x3x5/1xamp
Week 2 75%3x5/1xamp
Week 3 80% 2x5/1xamp


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