Workouts of the Week

Happy Sunday!

Well, I finally went to the chiropractor last week, and he seems to think my back issue is stemming from my shoulder. He adjusted me and did some Active Release Therapy on my shoulder and then dry needling on my back. I was NOT prepared for the dry needling...I am not a fan of needles at all! But I was up for whatever needed to be done. It was not really painful...just weird? I guess more so a mental thing for me. I just hope this will give me some long term relief! Have any of you tried dry needling?

I met up with my sister and Celeste at the park Tuesday because it was such a beautiful day! We played at the playground and then walked in the creek. Love seeing her!

Last weekend we went to Chick-Fil-A(yes, again!!), then to Cold Stone for dessert. I forgot how much I love the Strawberry Blonde creation. It sooo hit the spot on a hot summer day, and I can't wait to have it again! Because life is too short to only eat fro yo, y'all. 😂

So as far as my workouts go, I've been changing things up little each week here lately, just as far as exercises go. I'm still doing the quad/hamstring day and a push/pull upper day. with reps in the 8-15 range. 

I don't think I've seen any results as far as hypertrophy from doing this higher rep as soon as this back issue gets better, I'm excited to start my new workout and get back into some heavy lifting! It was a good change of pace  to try something different, though. I like challenging myself in new ways, and I do feel that my endurance is MUCH better now.

Here's what I did this week:

1 arm Hammer strength row 4x10
Inverted row 3x12
T-bar row 4x8
Lat pulldown 3x12-15
TRX pikes 3x12-15
Single leg hip thrusts + band walks 4x10-12


I worked out at my hubby's gym this day, so I did some different things, like the reverse lunges and sissy squats. I LOVE the reverse lunges on the squat machine, and they got my booty sooo sore! I went heavier on squats this week than I have in a long while, even though I probably shouldn't have with my back being so tight. But I am itching to get a heavy weight on my back!

I did a couple sets of 9 at 155 and then backed off and did some high bar squats with 135.

Reverse single leg lunge on squat machine: 4x12
Back squats: 12/9/9/12/10
Sissy squat: 2x15
Leg press: 3x12
Walking lunges: 2x15/2x12
Calf raises 5x8-12

Friday Upper Push (At Home)
Handstand pushups 6x6
1 arm press 4x8-10
Pushups 4x8-10
DB floor press: 3x15
Lateral raise 3x15 + Pullaparts 4x12-15
Band tricep pushdown: 3x12-15

Glute ham raise 4x12
Sumo deadlift 4x6
Split stance BB RDL 4x12
Lying leg curl 4x15
Reverse sled drags for 10 minutes

Have a great week, y'all!


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