My Training Lately

So since everything that has been going on, my training in the gym obviously took a back seat, but even when things were crazy, I was still able to get in some workouts in my garage.It was needed. It was my therapy. 

Lately though I have been able to get to the gym a couple of times a week, so I've been going heavy on my gym days and then just doing lighter workouts in my garage a couple of times a week. Still doing an upper lower split.

It feels really good getting back to heavy lifting! I've slowly been increasing weight and/or reps each week with squats and deads, and they've been feeling good. This past week I did 185 for 2x5 on squats and worked up to 230 on deadlifts for 2 reps. 

My back has not been bothering me anymore, so that makes me really happy!

My heavy lower days have been looking like this: 
Squats-working up to heavy sets of 4-5, then back off sets of 5-6
Deadlifts-working up to heavy sets of 2-3, then back off sets of 3-5
Leg press-5-6x10(working up in weight)
Back extensions w/weight-4x12
Leg extensions-3x15
Prowler or sled drags

Upper heavy days have been:
Snatch practice
Overhead press-4x4-6
Weighted pullups-4-5 sets of 3-5
Bench press-working up to heavy set of 5-6, then back off sets of 5-7
Seated cable rows or pulldowns: 5x8-10
Bicep curls 3x12-15
Rear delts/core

I plan on starting the program that I never got to start before all this with Matt happened. But since things should be more settled down now in the coming weeks, I think I will be able to get to the gym again 4 days a week.

Like I said, my training right now has been my therapy. It's needed. It's not about building muscle or burning calories or even getting stronger. It's one hour where I don't think about anything, where I don't have any stress or worries. It's just me and the weights.


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