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My workouts lately have been going great! And the crazy thing is I haven't been stressing about them or even really planning them out.

I'm still doing my 2 days at home in the garage, and those days I call my "fun" days, because it's just lighter weight workouts that I change up frequently and make up on the fly. Even though really my heavy days are more fun to me. 

For my gym days, I didn't really write out a workout plan, but I have been doing the same workout each time I go in, just trying to improve in some way each week based on how I feel. There's something to be said for being consistent and focusing on progression with the basics. You don't gotta get all fancy with set and rep schemes, and you don't gotta be changing up your exercises allll the time. I think sometimes we overcomplicate it. 

I'm gonna stick with this routine I've been doing until I stop making progress, and that hasn't happened yet. I've been able to progress with squats and deadlifts each week. For squats, I started with sets of 4 reps with 185. Each week I tried to either add a rep on at least one set or do an extra set. I recently got 185 for a set of 6, which is a volume PR! And this past week I did 2 sets of 6!

I've also been able to progress with deadlifts. Last week I did a set of 3 with 225. Conventional deadlifts have been feeling good, and my back hasn't been bothering me at all, woo hoo!

This is what my gym workouts looked like last week:

Friday Upper body
1)Barbell snatch: 85x3x3
2a)Overhead barbell press: 65x6/75x5/80x3x5
2b)Weighted pullup: 27.5x4x4
3a)Bench press: 115x3(with fat gripz)/115x4(no gripz)/105x5(last set paused)
3b)T-bar row: 45x4x8
4a)Pallof press: 3x10
4b)Lateral bear crawls
5)Barbell curls: 40x2x12

Saturday Lower Body
1)Squats: 185x6/6/5
2)Deadlift: 185x3/205x3/225x3/205x3
3)Leg press: 4x10-12 
4a)Back extension: 60x3x10/1x20(bodyweight)
4b)Leg extensions: 4x12-15
Bike sprints 6 x20 seconds(I've been doing prowler or sled drags but just didn't feel like it this week)

Feelin' good with nutrition and workouts...because it's NOT the number one thing in my life anymore. You don't have to be obsessive to be fit and healthy, y'all. Loosen up, eat some pizza, do your heavy squats, eat your veggies, and you'll be fine... even if you don't have 6 pack abs. As I always say, there's more to life.


  1. Your programming looks challenging but fun! I used to try to do All The Things in my training programs, but I've really come to love simple programs with flexibility built in.

    1. Yes, fun is number one to me, but I do like to challenge myself! I'm definitely a fan of the basics but sometimes it's fun to just do random things every now and then.


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