Dumbbell Only Leg & Glute Workout

I've still been enjoying my garage/driveway workouts at home, especially now that the weather has gotten cooler! And even though I have limited equipment, there are lots of ways I can change things up and make exercises harder, so that I don't get bored.

Here's a leg workout I did last week in my driveway with just a set of 25 pound weights and a mini band. 

1)Step ups: 3x10-12/leg
Make sure that you lower yourself down slow and controlled on these! Try to pretend that you're stepping on glass. Also, don't let the knee cave in.

2)Single leg Romanian deadlift: 4x12/leg
Focus on keeping your hips facing forward, not letting them cock to the side. Think about reaching the hips back, feeling tension in the hamstrings, and NOT reaching forward with the dumbbells.

3a)Single leg ball curl: 4x6-10/leg
Keep the hips up, squeeze your butt, and really focus on using that hamstring to pull your foot in towards you.

3b)Dumbbell one and a half rep squats: 3x10
On these, you will go into a full squat, half way up, back down, then all the way up. That's one rep! Warning:these are NOT fun.

4a)Band dumbbell hip thrust: 3x20
Keep the ribs down, chin tucked, and squeeze those glutes!

4b)Band seated abductions: 3x20
Not much to say on these, except to focus on the booty.

Lunge jumps x12(6/leg)
Lateral band walks x12/side 
5 rounds, no rest

If you need a good leg workout you can do at home with just a set of dumbbells or just want to change up your current leg routine, give this one a try! (*Bonus points if you wear the brightest socks you can find.)


  1. Thanks for sharing!! I am going to try this. (I need to up my sock game though!!) :D


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