Update and Thoughts

Happy Tuesday!

The weather here the past few weeks has been so nice, so we've enjoying being able to finally do some things outside besides just float in the pool. ;)

Like taking walks through the park...

Family Jeep rides...

Cooler walks with our boy...

Dinner on the river...

Coffee on the front porch...

Play dates with Celeste!

Matt finished his 6 week dose of chemotherapy yesterday! He now gets 23 days off and it will then be 5 days of chemo followed by 23 days off each month, and I believe the dosage of chemo will be higher. 

He is still doing really well. He's going into work more often, upping the intensity of his workouts, and sticking to his keto diet. The Optune is also going well. We've gotten into a routine of changing out the arrays so that he gets a few hours break without wearing it a few times throughout the week.

People ask how I'm doing...and I'd say that I'm good 95% of the time. That's only because I try to be thankful, focus on the good, and live in the moment. I don't let myself think too far ahead...but those thoughts do pop up sometimes. I don't dwell on them, but it's hard, because the reality of this situation is that this is a deadly cancer.

Sometimes the surgeon's words about the prognosis echoes in my head....once you hear something like that, it's hard to un-hear. Like, I can't help but sometimes think, are these going to be my last moments with my husband? But then I feel like that's me having a weak faith and not believing in God. But I do believe. I really do. I know He can heal, and I'm praying for healing. There are times when I can't help but think...."but what if He doesn't"...and that's when I break down. Sometimes I'm just confused and don't even know what to pray. But I do trust God, and I KNOW that He will not fail or forsake me. I know that He will work all things for my good.

I know that doctors don't have the final say. I choose to cling to faith and have hope that Matt will be one of the survivors.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

-Prov. 3:5&6


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