12 Fat Loss Tips

For sustainable fat loss, it’s important to take baby steps. You do NOT have to completely overhaul your entire diet in one day. In fact, you’re  most likely setting yourself up for failure if you try to change your eating habits in one day.
Instead, focus on a few habits that you can incorporate into your lifestyle, and let the results come slowly over time. You will have a much easier time maintaining your fat loss that way and in making it a lifestyle change, rather than just another quick fix diet.
Here are some of my top tips to focus on if fat loss is your goal:
*Don't snack mindlessly
Eat your structured meals and snacks, but eating between meals when you're not even really hungry is a quick way for extra calories to add up.

*Fill up on protein and vegetables
Protein and vegetables will help you to feel fuller longer, and when fat loss is the goal, you're going to need filling foods that are low in calories. Protein and veggies do the trick.

*Track your calories
You can only "guesstimate" how much you're eating for so long. If you feel like you're spinning your wheels and that nothing is working, but you've never tracked calories or macros, it's a good time to start.

*Measure your food
This goes along with the previous tip. Portion control is key when it to fat loss. Most people have no clue what a serving of carbs or fats is and end up eating WAY more than they realize. Measuring or weighing out your food can help keep calories under control. You can even start by just using your hand as a guide!

*Cut carbs on rest days
This is an easy way to cut back on calories without completely eliminating carbs, which is not necessary. With carb cycling, you simply eat more carbs on workout days when your body needs them most. On rest days, cut back on the carbs and focus on protein, vegetables, and healthy sources of fat.

*Eat carbs mostly around workouts
When you do eat carbs, eat them before and after workouts, when you body most needs them to fuel your workouts. This is not to say that eating carbs at night or not around workouts will make you fat, just that the carbs will give you energy for your workouts and help to replenish glycogen stores after lifting.

*Make sleep a priority
Many people say they have tried "everything" to lose fat...but one thing they forget about working on is sleep habits. If you're doing well with your nutrition and workouts, this could be the one thing holding you back.
*Cook your food and prepare meals ahead of time
Most anyone who has been successful at losing and maintaining fat loss has mastered "food prep". If you are prepared and have healthy foods on hands, you're much less likely to grab dinner out or choose something not so healthy. Plus, it just makes life a lot easier when you have your food ready to just pop in microwave!

*Don't drink your calories(alchol, soft drinks, juice, and milk)
Liquid calories add up FAST! You will be much better off cutting out all liquid calories and drinking water, coffee, unsweetened tea, and the occasional diet soft drink if fat loss is your goal. Nix the juices and health drinks, and eat real food instead.

*Take breaks from dieting
You shouldn't be dieting 24/7, 365. It's good to take a break from eating in a deficit every now and then. That doesn't mean you just stop eating healthy and start eating like crap-no, all it means is that you take a few weeks or months and slightly increase your calories.

*Focus on building muscle
This is where many women go wrong. They focus on cardio, cardio, cardio for fat loss, when the key to truly transforming your physique is lifting WEIGHTS. Don't be scared to gain muscle. Muscle is good for you! Cardio will only make you a smaller version of yourself, while weight training will cause you to be leaner and more "toned".

*Don't be super restrictive.
Restriction leads to deprivation, which leads to cravings and bingeing. One thing to remember is that there are no "good" or "bad" foods-there are only foods you should eat more of, and foods you should eat less of. Yes, you should be eating healthy foods most of the time, but having treats here and there and eating foods you enjoy is the KEY to being able to sustain this lifestyle and keep the weight off.
It's not realistic for most people to swear off all carbs and sugar FOREVER. When it comes to losing fat and keeping it off for the long run, you HAVE to find a nutrition plan that is sustainable. You HAVE to be flexible and balanced, otherwise you will spend your live on the unending dieting hamster wheel. Diets that eliminate entire food groups only work for the short term, and more often than not, you end up gaining back what you lost and more when you quit them.
Remember: nutrition and exercise should make your life BETTER, not make you miserable. 6 pack abs aren't worth missing out on life. It's great to want to be healthy and improve yourself, but reaching a certain weight on the scale is not worth sacrificing your mental health and well being.


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