Things I'm Loving Lately

✴Happy Friday 13th! ✴
I thought I'd do a Friday faves round-up, since it's been a while! 

Here are some things I'm loving lately:

I love Summer, but October is such a great month! It's so beautiful, the weather's cooler(sometimes), and there's pumpkin patches and pumpkin spice everything!

All the strawberries I've bought lately have been sooo good!  I love having them with my eggs and toast for lunch.

Banana "milkshakes"
MuscleTech's Banana bliss is my current fave protein powder. Blend it with some powdered peanut butter and almond milk, and it's like a drinking a banana milkshake! 

I've been on a total pear kick lately. Definitely my favorite fruit right now!

Chicken sausage
My rest day lunches always consist of either turkey or chicken sausage, and these are one of my favorite brands. They're really good in an omelette!

Ranch cauliflower
This is a game changer, y'all. 
Most of you know that I do NOT like vegetables, but these are actually super delicious!

These bagels. That is all.
This scripture writing plan about grace. I'm  about half way through, but feel free to join me!


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