Strength and Hypertrophy Program Weeks 1-3

Happy Monday!

I completed the three weeks of the strength and hypertrophy plan I've been following, and I really enjoyed it. I changed things up a bit from the program with the isolation exercises, but stuck with the plan for the most part.

Here are the workouts I did:

Week 1
This was just a fun "bodybuilding" day, basically. I switched this one up a little each week based on what was available at the gym.

1)Hammer strength seated row: 3x10-12
2)1 arm chest press: 3x12
3a)1 arm lat pulldown; 3x10-12
3b)Pushups 3x12
4a)Cable pullthroughs: 4x15
4b)Single leg hip thrust: 4x10
4c)Band standing abductions: 4x12
5a)Farmer's walks: 3x30 seconds
5b)Banded deadbugs: 3x8/side
6)Hanging leg raises: 8/7/6/6

This workout got me pretty sore, especially weeks two and three. It felt like someone took a baseball bat to my quads! It was a tough workout, especially when the weights got heavier after the first week. I've been doing reverse hypers after two workouts each week, and I feel like they're really doing wonders for my back! Front squats have been pain free, which makes me happy.

*Power cleans 95-115x3x3-5
1)Squats: (60% 2x5/1xamap)145x2x5/1x12
2)Front squat: 95x8/8/10
3)Front foot elevated split squats: 25sx10/35sx8/9
4a)Leg extensions: 3x20
4b)Seated band abductions: 3x15
5a)Single leg reverse hyper: 3x15-20
5b)Suitcase carries: 3x25ish seconds

I really enjoyed this workout! Got in and out of the gym pretty quick, too, which is always a plus for me.
1)Bench press: (60% 3x5/1xamap)-95x3x5/1x13
2)Dumbbell incline bench press: 40x3x8
3)Seated cable row: 3x12
4)Lat pulldown: 3x12
5a)Cable pushdown 3x12
5b)Cable hammer curl 3x12
6)Bottoms up kettlebell press: 3x10

The first week I accidentally left out the step ups that were supposed to follow deadlifts. Oops! Oh well, no biggie. The 14 deadlifts on the amrap set were mostly cardio, but my glutes were on fire!

1)Deadlifts: (60% 3x5/1xamap)160x3x5/1x14
2)Sumo deadlift: 160x2x5
3)Dumbbell RDL: 50s x 3x12
4a)Glute ham raise: 3x12
4b)Pullups 4x6
5)Stir the pot plank: 3x30 seconds
6)Prowler sprints: 6x15-20 seconds (fast)

Week 2
1)1 arm dumbbell chest press: 35x3x12
2)Chest supported dumbbell row: 35x3x12
3a)Pushups: 12/12/12/10
3b)1 arm lat pulldown: 3x12
4a)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x12-15
4b)Cable abductions: 3x12
5a)Reverse hypers: 95x3x15
5b) Suitcase carries: 45x3x25ish seconds
6)Pull-aparts: 4x20

I was able to get a rep PR on squats this week for a set of 8 with 175!
1)Squats: (75% 3x5/1xamrap) 175x3x5/1x8(last set with belt)
2)Front squats: 105x3x8
3)Front foot elevated split squat: 35sx2x8/leg/ Goblet 35x12
4a)Leg extensions: 3x20
4b)Seated band abductions:3x15-20
5a)Reverse hypers: 105x3x15
5b)Half kneeling Pallof press: 3x10
6)Farmer's walks: 53x3x40ish seconds

1)Bench press: (75%x3x5/1xamap) 105x5/5/5/10
2)Dumbbell incline bench: 40x3x8
3)Cable row: 3x12
4)Lat pulldown: 3x12
5a)Cable tricep extension 3x10
5b)Cable curls 3x10
6)Kettlebell bottoms up press: 2x8/1x10

1)Deadlift (75%x3x5/1xamap) 200x5/5/5/6
2)Sumo deadlift  185x2x5
3)Step ups(high box): 15x3x10
4)Single leg RDL: 53x3x10
5a)Glute ham raise: 3x12
5b)Pullups: 4x7
6)Stir the pot plank: 3x30 seconds
7)Sled drags/sprints(3 of each, alternating)

Week 3
1a)Single arm chest press: 30x15/35x4x12
1b)Chest supported row: 35x3x12-13
2a)Pushups 4x12/12/12/10
2b)1 arm lat pulldown: 3x14
3)Face pulls: 2x20
4a)Cable pullthroughs 3x15
4b)Band walks: 3x12/leg
5)1 leg hip thrusts w/band 3x8/leg + double leg x12
6a)Reverse hypers: 50x3x15
6b)Off-set farmer's walks: 60/53 x 4 sets

Squats didn't feel super strong this week, and I only managed to get sets of 5 even on the amrap set, but it's all good! Added an extra rep to front squats and an extra set to split squats this week. I really felt this workout the next few days!
*Power cleans 3x5
1)Squats: (80% 2x5/1xamrap) 185x3x5
2)Front squats: 105x3x9
3)Front foot elevated split squat: 35sx2x8/leg/ Goblet 35x2x12
4a)Leg extensions: 3x20
4b)Seated band abductions:3x15-20
5a)Reverse hypers: 4x12
5b)Half kneeling Pallof press: 3x10
6a)Suitcase carries: 4x
6b)Sumo band walks: 3x10 forward and backwards

I was really happy with how bench felt this week. I'm pretty sure 110lbs for 8 is a rep PR!
1)Bench press (80%x2x5/1xamap): 110x5/5/8

2)Dumbbell incline bench: 40x9/9/9/8
3)Cable row: 4x10-12
4)Lat pulldown: 3x12
5a)Cable tricep extension 3x10
5b)Cable curls 3x10
6)Kettlebell bottoms up press: 3x10

Deadlifts felt heavy, so I actually kept the weight a little lighter than 80%. Hopefully the next cycle I can bump up the weight! I totally forgot to do the RDLs...I'm such a ditz! I knew it felt like something was missing!
1)Deadlift (80%x2x5/1xamap) 210x3x5

2)Sumo deadlift: 185x5/185x7(last set touch and go because I was tired of the plates rolling around!)
3a)Glute ham raise: 0x12/10x2x12
3b)Pullups: 4x7
4)Barbell step ups: 45x10/55x3x10
5)Single leg RDL
6)Stir the pot plank: 3x30 seconds
Didn't have access to the sled, and it was too cold out, so I did this instead:
Kettlebell swings: 53x12/10/8/6/4/2 + 10 squat jumps after each set
Then 100 frog pumps with band around knees

I'm happy with my strength and performance right now. I really don't care that much anymore what my one rep max, but I'm happy that I've been able to hit some rep PRs. Not every week is great strength wise, but after 15 years of lifting, that's just how it is! That's why I like to have fun workouts where I don't worry about weight and just get a good burn and pump going, but then I also like to have a couple of exercises to focus on strength and progressive overload with.

Always remember that the longer you've been lifting, the less frequent PRs are going to be.You will get to a point when it's not always about how much weight you can lift-although hopefully on some things at least you can keep improving on in weight over time. But keep in mind that improvement is not always more weight. It may be better form. It may a slower tempo. It may be more reps with a certain weight. It may the same weight with less rest. There are all kinds of ways to see improvements besides just adding more weight.

I'm happy right now with maintaining the strength that I have. I will continue to train in a way that is fun for me, and that is lifting heavy! I'm at the point in my training where I just want to be healthy and have fun-it's not about  building muscle or striving for a certain look anymore, and that makes workouts so much more enjoyable! I'm sure I'll go through phases like before where I'll get tired of my training...but then I'll just switch things up and try something new! That's the awesome thing about training. There are so many different ways to do things, so you should never feel like you HAVE to do something if you hate it.

The plan now is to repeat this program for another three weeks, but I'll just change up some of the accessory lifts and up the weight on the main lifts if I can. I also decided to make Monday a day to add in overhead press work. It will look like this:
1)Barbell overhead press(reps below)
2)1 arm lat pulldown 3x12
3a)Pushups 4xamap
3b)Cable pullthroughs 4x15-20
4a)TRX rows 3x12
4b)Reverse hypers 4x15
5a)Pull-aparts 3x20
5b)Lateral raises
Kettlebell Swings x30 seconds +band walks
1)Squat(see reps below)
2)Front squat (or leg press) 3x8-10
3)Bulgarian split squat 4x10-12
4a)Band abductions 3x20
4b)Leg extensions 3x20
5a)Suitcase carries 3x
5b)Reverse hypers 3x10-12
6)½ kneeling Pallof press 3x10

1)Bench (see reps below)
2)Dumbell bench press 3x8-10
3)Chest supported row 3x8-10
4)1 arm cable row 3x10
5a)Cable tricep 3x10
5b)Cable bicep 3x10
6a)Face pulls 3x10-12

1)Deadlift (see reps below)
2)Sumo pause deadlift 2x6-8
3)Single leg leg press 3x10
4)Single leg RDL 3x10
5a)Pullups 3xamap
5b)Glute ham raise 3x10-12
6)Ab wheel rollouts 3x8-12
Sled- 6 x75-100 ft *heavy (reverse)

OHP/Squat/Bench/Deadlift reps:
Week 1 60%x3x5/1xamp –pause squat
Week 2 75%3x5/1xamp
Week 3 80% 3x5/1xamp

Hope you all have a great week!


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