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Happy Monday!

Matt had his MRI done a couple of weeks ago, after having it moved up due to having increased seizure activity. We haven't gotten a call with the results yet, and as of now his next appointment with the neuro-oncologist is November 14. But last time they said they would only call if something looked different on the hopefully if we don't hear anything then that means everything is stable! I've actually been at peace about it.
He has 1 more week of this chemo cycle! This time around has been a lot harder on him it seems. He's pretty much just tired all the time. That combined with his Parkinsonism can be rough sometimes. He didn't feel great for a couple of weeks, which partly was because he came down with a cold. He also slipped and fell one day and landed on his Optune battery pack, so he had some sore ribs for a few days. 

I'm really looking forward to when he finishes this round of chemo and has a few weeks off! He hasn't been working out or even walking much the last few weeks, but we did get out for a short stroll one day last week.
Asher's been doing well lately, thank goodness. He got his first ever grooming a couple of weeks ago! He looked so cute and was so soft and yummy smelling!

A few weeks ago we got together at my sister's with some of my cousins for a bonfire. It was a lot of fun and really nice to get out and see everyone. 
It's crazy because we had some super cold days last cold that we had a fire going in the fireplace one night! Then this weekend it's been in the 70s, which I'm LOVING!
This past weekend we went out to dinner at Carraba's after church Saturday. It's been a while since we've gone out on a dinner date. We swapped out his Optune arrays that day, so Matt had a few hours for his head to be free, which he loves!
I enjoyed some chicken marsala with broccoli and pasta, which was soooo good!
And Matt had steak, broccoli and a salad, and then some FatSnax cookies for dessert!
Last weekend I made a really yummy and SIMPLE low carb beef stew. Check out the recipe here on my fitness blog! This recipe is definitely a keeper.

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