Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Monday!
I hope you all enjoyed the holiday as we did. Thursday we went to Mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner. I made Matt a keto approved meal, which actually came out pretty good! I made ham and bacon cream cheese rollups, cheese biscuits, and mashed cauliflower. Since we had two Thanksgivings, he splurged a little the next day on pumpkin cake, which is his favorite!

Of course, I loved seeing this adorable little person. I'm glad she will actually let me take pictures now!
 Here are a few more pics from Mom's:

She was putting on a show for the camera!
Friday we went to my grandma's house for Thanksgiving number two!
 Loved seeing all my little cousins, and the newest addition, Sawyer!
I got my Christmas decorations up over the weekend, which makes me sooo happy! 
In other news, Matt starts his next round of chemo tomorrow. He still is having trouble with Otpune- he keeps getting a rash and blisters every time we put it on, so he hasn't been wearing it much lately. I hate it because I just want to be able to do all the treatments that we can for him.

Mentally, I vacilate between being great...or on the verge of a mental breakdown. It's crazy because I can literally be happy and joyful one second, and then bust out crying the next second out of nowhere. That's just the reality of it. Mostly I'm just concerned and worried for him and his mindset, because I see how frustrated and down he gets sometimes with not being able to do things he used to be able to do, and I just don't know how to help him!


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